Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Do you have a favorite sport?



In case you happen to read this on the day: Happy Christmas (I know it's not a question, but what the hell).

teehee!!! awww man I missed this but thank you, I hope ur christmas was super duper awesome (I wonder what regular duper is)



Sorry for being a bit lax... I've had a bit of a rough week and tiring weekend. I think this all leaves me in some sort of strange limbo cause once I've rested I feel restless again and I want to bounce all over the walls and do everything.... think about everything all at once. . .

I wanted to share a post with you guys that I thought was interesting from FetLife.... Feel free to read it if you'd like, if not you can always scroll on by it :)


His roomates are racist????!!!!

(username omitted)
Okay, I'm new and all, but I just wanted to get yalls opinion on this. I'm currently fucking this white guy right now and he's really good, we like each other, and he's super sweet to me. We've only just met, but we are really comfortable with each other and talk about almost anything. He is actually the second white guy I've been with and I'm one of many black girls, so that was a plus for me....not wanting to be an experiment and all....but he told me some things about his roomates.
They don't really have a preference for black girls and I understand that, but he also told me that they make racist jokes about me when I asked him if they talk about me. He didn't want to offend me, but he showed me one of the texts messages and It was one about fried chicken and greasy lips, blah, blah, whatever (I don't really even like fried chicken) which I sooo didn't leave in their dish washer, but at the time I found the stereotype a little funny.
I asked him if they've ever even dated a black girl before and he says he's sure they have not. I told him that I'm pretty sure that they are hung up on the black girl stereotype and they need to try and date a black girl before they can even start judging me for who I am.
I would never even know this if he didn't tell me because when I go to his apartment, they always speak, but it's not like we have a chance to really talk because I'm in and out. Don't act all polite or whatever if you don't like me. They don't even know me and they are already judging...that's how I feel.
So I'm done with my ranting, but I want to know what yall think about this whole thing----
Feel free to let me know what ya think about that. 

Not much has changed (schedule wise) so no need to post about that. If you'd like to book me for a shoot you can contact me on one of the networks listed at the end of this post. I'm booking for January now (of course since December is pretty much over)

(random unorganized review of aero fighters... ummm hopefully it's not too shitty)

End Transmission

Friday, December 23, 2011

What do you do to relax?

masturbate... sex... listen to music, draw/sew, yoga, dancing, singing, gaming, watch bad movies, good one's... read


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

schedule as of today

22nd: (1pm - 4pm)

27th: (4pm - 7pm)

29th: (1pm -4pm)

31st: Dancing (tentative) @ Lair De Sade

(all times are pacific times)

I'm semi-sad my dancing shoot Saturday was cancelled but what can ya do :-/ Hopefully I'll find something else to fill in my time with or perhaps I can actually attempt to get some real rest?? Doing the latest of holiday shopping today. I rather hate this time of year and I know it's a ploy to get everyone to buy shit but... it still makes ppl happy/sad when you don't get them things and since I'm not a total brokeass right now I figure I should take advantage of this fact.

Waiting for pictures... trying not to be a brat but feeling impatient cause I really want to see the results!! I won't be too much of a bother. I tend to tire out easily but I wish it wasn't a necessary evil...

I was on the Rev Mel Show (click here to see) this monday! I'm really curious as to why Fetlife hasn't picked it up yet. It's a really fun quaility show and it's interesting seeing what happens behind the scenes. I think it should be far more popular than it is. I'm going to do my best to tune in regularly from now on.

Guess that's about all there is to report... I hope you all have a happy holiday season! I also should be getting back on the video making/editing soon! I've been a bit lax since I'm not sure where I placed my cam last/been busy/tired. Thank you all for your continued support and love!

End Transmission

(photog's port can be found here)

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Kink Live (tuesday) 12/20/11

I'll be on again from 4pm - 7pm (pacific time)

I had a really good time yesterday (though the first hour I was a little lonely :-P)

ps my nipples still hurt from yesterday's clothes pin thingy... any tips on how to deal with that? I'm still really new to doing anything to them since they're so sensitive and all... I think they hate me right now hahaha

anywho hope to see you all tomorrow and tonight I should be visiting rev mel too... on her show on at 8pm (Pacific time) click here plz!! <3 <3

^--- image by RMMP studios

End Transmission

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

You're very welcome I admire you do much dear.

I'm not sure what this is in response to but I like being admired :D thanks


Shoot schedule this so far..... (dates not listed I'm free)

18th: (4pm - 7pm)

19th: Rev Mel's bondage show!! ( <3 8pm PST

20th: (4pm- 7pm)

22nd: (1pm - 4pm)

24th: Riverbed Dancing Shoot (8am -12pm)

27th: (4pm - 7pm)

29th: (1pm -4pm)

31st: Dancing (tentative) @ Lair De Sade

What animal scares you the most?



Friday, December 16, 2011

Why do you now call yourself Britney Siren? Are you no longer "silenced"?

naw I'm both... I needed a name to use for kink so yeah... oh life is simple isn't it haha


Thursday, December 15, 2011

What's your favorite song right now?

Commercial whore has been stuck in my head for the past day so I'll go with that.... yay x-fusion!!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's not you Siren? Aw a shame, I was prepared to give the follower a cookie

:( I want a cookie... don't tease w/ mentions of awesome cookie like things and not deliver... tis the way to mine heart... (and bacon)


Do you like playing in the snow?

I'd love to try some day........ :(


Sorry for the brief Hiatus

I've been a bit under the weather for the past week. Still slightly sniffly but functioning sick. Hooray I've come over the hump. The way stuffy feeling this morning though makes me wonder if I'm going down hill again for being outside in the night time air but I can't think that way. I'll have to load up on more OJ and hope for the best. Being sick is something I really can't afford to do for so many reasons.

I realize it's also been a while since I've really written anything. I normally just throw some video up here and a half ass fancy picture and call it a day :) Not that I don't enjoy doing such but the writing that thinks it's inside of me likes to come out sometimes so perhaps a random freestyle (as all my writing tends to be anyway) is in order. Sure there's more words than necessary, grammatical errors... expletive deletives but some people LOVE those right?

So what's been going on lately?

Work wise I've been a good amount of busy and not busy. So much in fact that I can actually take time out to relax and not worry so much about everything under the sun. I've found that a relatively steady cash flow creates such a possitive energy that things that would normally infuriate me have simply rolled off the shoulders and into the gutter. Random not so random but can't recall his name art class dude commented on said positive energy with a few others. As someone who has struggled with bouts of depression and repressed anger to hear such kind words from those who've known me for a while and those who are just getting to know me means a lot. I feel like at the very least I've shown some improvement in this area. I think seeing some of the negatively that others cultivate and thrive in makes me want to steer clear most of the time. I know this is not 100% possible but I can stay away from triggers and such. I've come to realize that not everyone fits neatly together... I don't like to talk or hear about certain people who are simply not worth my time. Not in a I'm better, I'm angry at you.... mostly I focus energy on those people and things who give energy back.

Another thing I've come to realize is while most folks can live by that motto of not needing anyone that this is the biggest fallacy in the planet. Those folks who can tear you down (those closest) are the ones who can rebuild you as well... I guess this is a bit of the power we give away when we choose our extended families. I used to have fears of such things... letting folks in too soon, not saying enough, saying far too much.... I think that I might've found a balance and have learned to deal with most trivial issues on my own w/out having to burden anyone with them. I've learned to not let as much bug me.

People are layered, not just one dimensional... not all pieces fit and that should be ok. Try not to judge as quickly or as harshly as in my younger days though seeing such judgments still are a pet peeve I do realize that all things come into their own on time. Friends don't always have to agree with all that you do... as long as they still care and respect you, don't degrade or debase one for the decisions they've made... but know when to step in if something is of detriment to themselves and others.... (which can also be a very slippery slope)

***** things of note recently ****

Less internet trolling from internet trolls (always a good thing)

Less offence from trolls (block buttons are a lovely feature)

Trip to Vegas (FINALLY)

Socializing/Networking more and stepping out of the hermit comfort zone!! (still not where I wanna be but well on the journey)

Addressing problems directly with people more often (instead of holding things in or messaging them a billion years later!!)

Having less issues with folks, being offended less, laughing more


Getting along better w/ family


I'm really happy that things are going as well as they are. For new penpals, friends... all the positive things that are happening. If it doesn't last at least I have these moments right now... of calm... :)


OK back to the normal stuff (schedule as of today)

15th: (1pm- 4pm)

16th: Birthday party :)

18th: (4pm - 7pm)

20th: (4pm- 7pm)

22nd: (1pm - 4pm)

27th: (4pm - 7pm)

29th: (1pm -4pm)


If you'd like to book me for anything feel free to leave me a comment message or contact me on any of the networks listed at the end of this post :D

and a random video about videogame piracy! Not that I would know ANYTHING about that lol... If you'd like me to talk about anything in particular feel free to send me questions and such as well... I love those!!


Monday, December 5, 2011

How are you?

happy/sickish lol


How much TV do you watch?

not much... I only watch tv if there's a series on that I'm into but that's pretty rare. I'm mainly on netflix, dunno if that even counts for anything


You're so beautiful I touch my self to your pictures all the time.

uh thanks... Hmm why does this make me wonder about the sears cataloug? Hmmmm..... :P but ummm thank you!


Friday, December 2, 2011

What's your best talent?

hmmm I'm not sure.... eating? Puzzle gaming.... being a dorkette!! I dunno this seems like one of those questions best answered by others. What one thing does one do that impacts the world, inspires all that poppy cock...


With phatrfit's question, I have a friend who is in an overseas LDR, me and a few others try to explain why it can be difficult, and try to help him realise it won't last, but would you have any advice I could pass on to him?

I do think it's possible to have an LDR but it's very difficult. It takes a lot of trust but even w/ that everyone needs human contact/interaction. If they're both committed and this is well w/in a reasonable time span (say while someone is going to school, something w/ a definite end date for them moving closer together) I say it may be worth it. Otherwise there's no point. Eventually someone meets someone closer who can provide the closeness all humans need... even the most trusted companions can falter at some point when lonely and weak...


Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Which means a new video! And Scheduling update... woot woot!


1st: 10am -1pm (pacific time)

3rd: WP Group Shoot in Riverside (still available for 1 on 1's)

9th: Group Shoot in Lomita

10th: Party of Glutenous Proportions

11th: Harem Girls/Opium Den Shoot in Winnekta (1pm)

If you're interested in booking me feel free to send me a message, comment, note and such on whatever respective website that I've linked to this. I'm normally not free on tues/thurs.... The other dates tend to vary. If you're interested in attending any of these group shoots feel free to message me as well and I can link you to the details :D

Other than that I've got new hair and a new lease on life! Well mostly I'm having really nagging throat pain. Started out scratchy yesterday and now it's scratchy and in pain. Tickling the back of my thought in the most peculiar way.... even still I shall press on and do my duties!

The video I posted last week about atheism keeps getting the same replies of "but it doesn't mean you're a church or that you don't need support b/c you're an atheist." I never said you don't need support... my real point is don't make it such a point that you feel awkward or block out possible friendship b/c you need other "like minded" ppl around. Don't make it seem like someone can't be like minded b/c they follow a religion or be supportive or have similar experiences in other things. I predict I'll be saying this many more times in the future. Perhaps I should block all commenting and do a response video to the original... when I'm not feeling lazy.... I don't have to leave for a while so perhaps I'll get off my ass and do that lmfao. I guess such is the dilemma of video or the internet, you can't just explain what you mean right away and 50 ppl will come at you with the same argument lol

I guess that's about all in Siren land... I'm going to take some meds and try to snap this cold away from my system T_T

this lovely boobie shot is by Arinston Collander

End Transmission

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How do you feel about long distance relationships, would you ever be in one?

I've been in a few, they tend to be difficult to work out/keep interest/the other person tends to meet someone they can see daily and they lose interest in you w/out telling you what happened . . . so no I wouldnt' date anyone I couldn't get to see on a regular basis


Do you like to dance?

YES YES YES YES YES!!! If I could be dancing all the time I would!! I'd love to take some classes and learn more things or learn from friends :D


Saturday, November 26, 2011

What's in your refrigerator?

a bunch of bullshit... ham, and indescribable left over scary things that I do'nt want to open :(


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I quickly saw that kinklive thingie to see whatever it was, and I have to ask... how can the sound of clinking chains not drive you mad?

Honestly I don't mind the sound at all... I kinda like it actually :D It reminds me of the experience... nails on a chalk board, Really loud yelling and the like are things I can't bare to hear though


How could you not??

I'm copying a post I read on fetlife that I wholeheartedly agreed with... the original post. I would simply link to the post but it's hidden to users only but I really like what was said so... enjoy!

I read one of the threads in one of these discussions that asked the question; can you love your slave? It seems to me that this is one of those how could you not issues. First of all, in the world of consensual slavery, she serves you because she loves you. Secondly, because she trusts your intelligence and strength enough to give control of her well being over to you. What man, who accepts this from a woman, could not love her? I find the idea of releasing a slave when love enters into it to be ridiculous. I’m not in the business of training girls wholesale, or of owning more than one. I want to be able feel deeply about the person who shares my life. This girl, who places herself at my feet, is many things to me. Not only is she my slave, but also my lover, my friend, confidant, and muse. Some men will tell you that loving a slave will make you weak, and that your strength and will suffer for it.
This is of course not true at all. Denying yourself the depth of emotion of which you are capable, is not a strength. It is a flaw. There is no power in dispassion, there is only emptiness. Human beings can only truly come together on an emotional level. Beyond even marriage, the master and his slave are the deepest of relationships, a symbiotic one, drawing their strengths and joys from one another. I am discovering these truths more and more recently. I have been called Master for many years now. Slaves have come and gone, some good, some not so good. I can only surmise that the man who cannot allow himself to love his slave, has not found his slave. What man can say that winning the love of a woman so completely, and returning it in measure, each of their own accord and by their nature, is weakness? I cannot scorn any who do not accept these truths, I can only pity them.

Anywho hopefully you'll all be joining me onKINK LIVE tonight (4pm -7pm pacific time) We'll chat it ups and downs and all arounds while shaking those boobie tassles around (boobie tassles not included)

photograph above by martin images

End Transmission

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Monday, November 21, 2011

My last free date for a bit....

This makes me pleased and extremely tired thinking about it lol! I know I'll get through it though. Waiting on some really neat pictures from a week ago. I've seen one and I like what I saw so hopefully the entire disc is full of pretty-ful-ness to add for you're viewing pleasure! I figured I should write something today b/c I may forget to do so if I wait further along in the week. So here's what my schedule is looking like so far.....


25th - 27th (work... available after 6pm on these dates)


3rd Group Shoot in Riverside (message me for details on attending as a photographer)

11th Harem Girls/Opium Den group shoot in the Valley (message me for details on attending as a photographer)

If you'd like any details on any of these shoots... would like to book me for anything... feel free to send me a note/PM on any of the sites, (I'd prefer that to a comment but that's ok too... we'll figure it out)

Other than that life is good. No major issues... not entirely broke, got some new shoes, and hopefully I'll find time for a new hair do soon (as I'm really bored of my hair now, jeez it's been this way for 2 months... time for a change!!!!!!!!!!)

I hope you all have a very uber awesome thanks giving!

Also thank you uber awesome person who purchased 2 prints this week!!! Another special thanks to all those who actually signed in for chat on Kink last week. I really appreciated you guys being there and keeping me entertained. Thank you to all the new followers/watchers/friends/subscribers and such and all of those who have been keeping track of me for a while. 

She's relocated and stuff but still das uber awesome.
Give her monies!!!!!!!!

and some video that I made in response to another retarded video LOL.... jeez the still they chose looks mad psycho....

End Transmission

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Who inspires you the most?

I can't say there's a who but there is a what, Pain is a very strong teacher that wants you to get away from it or fly blindly into it,


What are you looking forward to today?

sleep and rolling into my blankets, becoming a giant human burrito of warmth, more battle star and sprinkling in some star trek and lost


Wednesday, November 16, 2011


sorry about the quality... my normal cam died (it takes regular batteries fooey) but hopefully it's not too bad lol

Also I'll be on kink Thursday November 17th from 10am - 1pm (pacific time) If you'd like to talk/see me live muahahahahahaha :D

Aside from that nothing much new to report.... Still booking shoots for next week as it's looking rather baron but I suppose Thanksgiving has a lot to do with that... who knows.

End Transmission

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What's your favorite genre of music?



How many hours do you sleep each night?

5 at the most


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shooting Availability 11-15-2011

So far this is my schedule... whatever isn't listed is still up for grabs :D

11/15/11 (booked)

11/16/11 (Photos by Robi Test Shoot)

11/17/11 (booked)

11/19 through 20th (work)

12/3/11 Group Shoot in Riverside

12/11/11 Group Shoot in SFV

Seems like next week is still pretty open. If you'd like to book anything feel free to contact me on the networks listed at the end of this post... or if you'd like any info on any of the group shoots that I'll be attending (I've also posted links, if they don't work for you let me know and I'll send you the direct info and who to contact)

End Transmission

^Photographer can be found here!

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Monday, November 14, 2011

what makes you smile?

skin diamond, strippers, random fun scanks... booze, classy hoes. girls in latex and fuck me boots... star trek, witty banter, not so witty banter... the things wesley pipes says when he's layin pipe.... actually all black porn makes me chuckle sometimes, why do the guys talk so much? "you like dis dick?" sure bro... but i feel more so upset for the males who buy this and have to block out random man grunts and talking lol oh shit tangent bad... tangent


Do you have an imaginary friend?

yes... he's a giant robot, he looks like vin diesel and shoot rockets, I ride on his shoulders and we smite the faces of the infidels!!!


Do you enjoy anal sex? And if so how dies it compare to vaginal.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ummm yeah but it's painful so I'd rather not do it, vag is always better


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Do you like roller-coasters?

frack to the no


Got any suggestions on what to do for somebody who is bored?

masturbate.... running in traffic, Hilter marches in well populated negro areas can be good for those who want a long endurance run w/ projectiles being launched at them... don't worry the exercise can be ceased at any time by stating that you have that one black friend so you can't possibly be racist... TRUST ME WORKS EVERY-TIME!!!


Friday, November 11, 2011


So forgive the off-beat-ness of the video. If I didn't add the mp3 you would've heard many dog noises and random things in the background... kudos to me for not breaking concentration completely.

I'm ready to dance tonight! I'm looking forward to some good ol' industrial fun! I haven't been to a bonefied industrial club in a bit over a month and I'm rather missing it. Hopefully it won't be too bad since someone is performing/record release things going on... we'll see... I guess it doesn't matter what time I get there since the price will be the same all night and I don't plan on drinking. I'll probably aim for 11pm since that's when people really start dancing anyway.

And now for the Abridged Tentative Availability w/ Card Subject to change b/c of ranodom life issues!

*November 13th Mander Studios Shoot

*November 18th (tentative video shoot)

*November 19th Carbon Graphx Shoot

*November 20th..... working, Possible networking much afterwards from 4pm - 6pm (I'm sure you're welcome to attend if you are a model/photographer)

*November 26th (personal)

*December 3rd Group Shoot in Riverside (shoot with me and other lovely ladies)

*December 11th Group shoot in the valley (another shoot with a wonderful theme, also can't beat $20 for a themed shoot... )

(dates not listed are available)

If you'd like to book something please don't hesitate to send a note, comment, message... or what not or on any of the other sites I'm on bellow. Also if you have any questions, video requests or whatever let me know! It's become a bit of therapy for moi!

(thank you for this fan edit... I rather appreciate things like this :D____)

End Transmission

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Today is 11/11/11. How will you celebrate it?



Have you ever just stood in front of the mirror and looked at your vagina and admired how beautiful it is? It truly is beautiful.



Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What's going on lately (shoot availability and other fun stuff)

Still waiting on pics from a day of the dead shoot that I had a few weeks ago. Hopefully they're coming in the mail (ewww why is the emergency broadcast thing playing lady gaga?? WTF) Anywho... here's a list of shoots to come/things for the rest of the month... so far...

November 10th (Interview w/ kink live woot woot)

November 11th (Shooting w/ a buddy of mine... FINALLY and possible night time activities)

November 13th (Shoot with Mander Studios)

November 18th (tentative video shoot)

November 19th (Carbon Graphx Shoot)

November 20th (LA AUTO SHOW, working)

November 26th (there's a very awesome birthday this day so we'll see what happens haha)

December 3rd (Group Shoot in Riverside) feel free to come out and work with all the awesome models!! Details in the link!!

December 11th (Harem Girls/Opium Den Group Shoot in Winnetka) You probably won't be able to beat the price of this shoot... I'm really glad to be back in the group and I'm gonna start scoping out possible outfits soon!!!

So this is what I've got planned so far... subject to change... if you'd like to book something feel free to contact me on the net works I'll have listed bellow. I'd also like to get some attire together and make a formal dancing video. Hopefully money will be the way that I like to where I can get everything together very soon!!

I guess that's about all... Back to reality TV and Sorting through 6000 games, Jeez some of these mame games are just awful.

(Photographer for this pic above is Joshua Kennerly Hopefully we shall have something set in stone again soon!! Last weeks shoot didn't pan out... fooey!!)

End Transmission

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Monday, November 7, 2011

with the question you asked, what would be your answer? just out of curiosity

face is more important than body, body can always be worked on later but if I hate your face that could cause some intimacy problems


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Frogs: Friend or foe?



Another Hump Day Blog for Hump Day People

A vid about bondage shoots... I do apologize for the bad lighting...I tried to fix it as much as I could at the time but at least this proves I'm not an android yes?

Other than that not much has changed. Halloween was well this is the first one that I haven't gone out dancing for in ages. In fact I haven't gone out for the past couple of weeks and I'm starting to miss dancing. Dancing alone in one's living room isn't exactly the same thing I don't think.

I have a bunch of pictures that I'm waiting on. I'm not sure how many I'll actually get back but I'm feeling really anxious/excited to see what's to come of them. (especially the day of the dead one's... those should be all spiffy and shittake!!)

I also started watching Battle Star Galactica... I didn't expect to like it that much but it's pretty damn good. I did kinda fall asleep during the second das uber long episode but that's ok, through the joys of netflix I'll be back where I started from :D

A shoot for next sunday and the prospect of other jobs have been coming in so I'm feeling a bit hopeful to not die a completely broke person.

I'm wondering how much one can register for school online... I dunno leaving the house is expensive but I guess I'll have to figure out how to plan for that haha (in due time)

I guess that's about all... thanks to all the nice folks on DA who say such nice things, Those on Fetlife who have kind supportive words... thank you everyone whose been checking up on me lately. :)

shot by Vintage Vista

End Transmission

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Are you a competitive person?

not at all lol though I do hate losing at things I'm good at but I don't cry about


I have the biggest crush on you

that's not really a question... do you DARE rip the fabric of the interwebs with such lack of question asking HMMMMMM (j/k the interwebs are ok)


Monday, October 31, 2011

What is your favorite Halloween costume?

my starfeet uniform :D (though admitedly the legs are a bit short... *sigh* )


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

happy wednesday!

Sonic 2 ranting for the masses!

At any rate if there's anything you guys would like to hear me talk about feel free to comment or message me and I'll make a spiffy video edited for maximum awesomeness!!

Other than that I'm excited for tonight! I have my first shoot since the start of the month and it has a cool theme. Plus any excuse to get out of the house is always lovely (in a non spending the money I don't have sorta way).

Other news... I've been contemplating the live chat thing. With great... pondering I have a few issues. My connection is wireless therefore the speeds/quality will probably be shit depending on which way I tilt my computer, the orbit of the planet and all that shit. Other than that my house is too fucking loud, people are very much so into what you're doing and for some reason while you're in the middle of something want to call you five billion times. I doubt I'd be able to block off enough quiet time in a well enough lit room to really do a live chat anytime soon.

Hopefully the weekend will bring many lovely pictures from a group shoot you should totally attend b/c it'll be FANTABULOSO!! It's in NOHO and there shall be food!! For more info on that click here! I'll be booking 1 on 1 shoots after the group portion :D

Oh and I finally logged onto my game crush account that I haven't used in well forever! I'm trying to figure out how to change my name there. I guess if that's not possible I'll have to delete it and start anew perhaps. I haven't done much with it so it's no big loss but I hope it's possible. I got my ass kicked in tic tack toe and that was aweful... god I suck at that game T_T Why dont' they have tetris or something!!!??

this pic was taken by this guy here!

End Transmission

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What's your favorite day of the year?

I'm not sure, it's usually a moment in time where everything is perfect. You're with those you love, you feel warm and complete, loved... can't say i've ever felt that way on a holiday lol I can pinpoint my fav day last year... maybe more like fav moments


Monday, October 24, 2011

Come out and shoot me! Bang Bang!!

I'll be attending another wonderful and awesome group shoot hosted by Glass Slipper Studio! This Event will be this Sunday the 30th The original posting is located here so go on ahead and sign up and stuff!!

My shoot today I couldn't make it to (sucks not having a car).... but hopefully I'll have another oportunity to do something similar... some day...

oh well no spilled milk crying!

I have a shoot Wednesday w/ Red Red Red. Should be interesting... we'll see, and another shoot Thursday w/ one of my favorite camera have-er-persons Lightbrite

So new photos, an event, possibility for not starving to death and keeping my internet on for more than one month AWESOME!!!!

by Vintage Vista ... a shot taken in the dark with infrared cam... pretty cool experience, (hehehe shot in the dark plays in my mind) Still the most awesome photog evarrrrrrrrr!!!

End Transmission

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


a video about

As for happenings lately... mostly I'm tired of the random high and low periods. Broke then un broke, broken not broken and the 10 billion GWC's saying it's cool if you bring an escort but they gotta leave though when I DON'T KNOW YOU!!

I dunno if I'm just weird but the fact that I have to be alone with you for four hours for your artistic mojo to work is baffling to me. I'm starting to think that 99% of photographers are rapists. Sure some really do work in tiny spaces and some maybe get weird if there's a guy there... but I'm not betting my life on that.

Since taking this stance I probably won't be shooting very much. I'm sorry but I feel if you want to get your jollies off with a hot girl then get a call girl. I'm sure things would be a lot easier that way don't ya think? Nothing wrong with doing that either... just not something I want to do at this time.

Oh I got approved to mo-no-ties my youtube page yesterday! Isn't that spiffy? I'm wondering if I'll get a paycheck once every 2 years.... but I figure what the hell...

I guess that's about it.... bla bla bla blobbity blob lob law

End Transmission

Photographer: Unsinn Image

If you have a chance to work with him you should... he won't rape you much I promise

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What is your favorite type of candy?

hmmm... butter scotch


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

while I await this video upload

Lots of un-pretty words for a pretty world. I find it strange that in a week period I've heard 2 very disturbing homeless women's life stories. Not to say that I mind listening... I'm good at that and if I ever get enough money to go back to school I'd love to do it as a profession and all but it makes me wonder about a lot of things. Are humans really these kind creatures better than animals? How can this country sell this "myth" that hard work will pay off.

The first woman had been on the streets for about 5 months. She found a shelter but they only give out 10 tokens for the week for each person. They make them leave at 6am.... where the hell one can go with that many tokens for the week is beyond me. I think there was a curfew too. They get some bread bullshit ass breakfast and have to fend for themselves until dinner time. Her child had died that day... She began crying and I wasn't really sure what to do/say. Mind you I was sitting here playing star fox and waiting on a friend...

I ended up giving her 5 bucks, a card to a different shelter, and a security office to apply to. It'd be ironic if she found a decent job before me but I wouldn't be mad. TBH with all this going on I think one would deserve some sort of good fortune.

The other woman I met yesterday. She was or well used to be a psychologist. I looked up a few places on my comp for her. A therapist that she used to work with, a few shelters. I wonder how someone can end up in this situation but I didn't pry.

I'm curious though as to why one would come up to me out of all the folks they could've came up to? Am I that welcoming of a presence? Aside from that... why be so open with strangers? Is it a well who gives a shit I've hit rock bottom?

I'm really disappointed in how things have gotten over the past year... so many women displaced not because they want to be but b/c they just can't find work. Each time it tears my heart out a bit but I wonder what can I do but listen and maybe offer a couple of bucks and go w/out using the bus for a day or 2.

I also worry for myself. I'm in a pretty shaky situation.... I've been pitting passive aggressiveness against passive aggressiveness... well mostly I've been passive and not present I would say. Ignoring back handed comments.... ignoring lots of things. I've noticed that it does actually pass if I don't really say anything or take a walk. I'm wondering if there's some bi-polar ...ness at hand here.


Anywho back to the regular stuff...

fav photo I got thus far from my most recent shoot..... see more of vintage vista's work here The most awesome person you'll ever work with. Kind pro and not a creeper :D

As far as anything up and coming we'll see... I have a few test/interview things to go to next week... I think next week will be very busy. OH and a 90's party Saturday!! I have to find something uh that doesn't match itself to wear hahahaha. I've always wanted to throw one so I'm looking forward to this!

Karaoke tonight (so I don't feel like I wasted my bus pass purchase), and ummm more karaoke Friday for a very special birthday girl!!! (w/ perhaps a few games of elevator action if that place still has it. I only admired it from a far many moons ago. (loads cam with batteries to take pictures of shiny machines... it's been a while)

I guess that's about all... aside from well waiting for many cool things in the mail for the next week or so (plz don't get stolen... I would really cry)

End Transmission

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oh wait.. .the video lmfao

uh make up tips for dark chicks w/out dicks

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Can you picture what your life will be like in 5 years?

uh hopefully alive in a much better economy in my jeep driving stick shift over the horizon


if you could; would you ever want to get to know all your followers?

sure why not... dunno about all but a few seem interesting.


Monday, October 10, 2011

What's your biggest phobia?

being stuck in financial limbo for the rest of my life


What does your dream house look like?

one with rooms and no one living in it but me and who I'm fucking at that time...


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Do you like to be the center of attention?



would you ever try to talk to all your followers at once (i.e. JTV) or do you prefer the quieter means, like formspring?

I've never really thought to do that for a few reasons... I don't have internet at home, even if I did my house tends to be loud and I probably wouldn't be able to sit down long enough to do such a thing. Not even sure what I would talk about actually or if anyone would be there... perhaps if I were more popular I'd consider it


and so weekend plans were cancelled

The heavens burst into flames and but mainly rained money. J/K!! Ended up going to Karaoke with a lady who I'm growing quite fond of, not in a rape you sorta way but in a "you're a cool dame" kinda way. This will probably be the first and last time I'll ever get money thrown my direction at karaoke, dancing fully clothed... I think. Quite a fun/bizarre happen stance I would say. I don't think I've ever been given that much money for not really doing anything but dancing like a drunken fool lol

A welcome change from earlier in the day where I did my good deed of the year by giving a homeless woman sage uh listening skills and some advice. I gave her a card to a shelter, a few bucks and told her of a place to apply to for work. She'd lost her child that day and many other buzz killing things that kinda stole a bit of my sunshine for a moment. I felt a little bad that I wasn't able to help more considering I'm barely doing better than that. I did feel for her to a degree though having been in that situation but not nearly as horrible as losing a child whilst having family estranged from you. I felt a bit more thankful for the situation I'm in. While it's not perfect... I have my health, have forged some relationships which I'm not sure would've happened had my head been clouded with the junk of earlier in the year. (IE the over analyzing of anal brain waves brain waving.....)

I'm also proud of simply being able to communicate a little better with the general population. The telephone no longer intimidates me. So I guess this whole YouTube experiment is some what working? Either way I enjoy it when I have enough quiet/batteries to record something and I'm starting to enjoy the basic editing process. I may try to write out some formal things soon so as to not sound like a total disorganized scatter brain as I sound like in this video lol

(jeez this vid was actually longer than it is now lmfao)

With the exception of money always being in need.... I'm happy with most facets of life.

It's been a while since I really wrote a long entry about life. While I can be modest and say "oh no one really reads this thing" Truth is anyone who gives a shit about you reads the shit you write and even more prevalent than this.... those who hate you pay even more attention. So the day to day details should be saved for those involved right?

I've heard more than my share of wierdos who dislike or want to feign like saying second hand shit. I guess uh what do they say, "haters gonna hate" I'm not terribly concerned with this but when it pertains to those I love and who love me I'd like to keep them out of this as this isn't what they signed up for right?

Life is good...

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

loool ur Formspring answer made me LOL :P cuz siren got a big boooootayyyy xD

hahahahaha 10 points for use of the word boooootayyyy


How long have you had your favorite pair of blue jeans?

since 10th grade which I guess would've been 2001 I'm amazed that I can still fit them though many have ass ripped since then (srsly I never thought that would really happen to me but it has lol)


Do you watch Anime?

I'll watch a few older series on occassion but frankly I think I've grown out of the whole anime thing. I don't particularly like it's style, the constant re-use of the same animations episode to episode... how a lot of it is similar. The rediculous yelling at random times and certain things that get lost in translation. I'd rather watch something American with a good story/character development. I don't care for flashy animations or flashiness in general... Sadly American animation hasn't been the best in recent years either... there are a few gems here and there but a void is there. Luckily though there's always comic books which never fail to please :D


Traveling! October 7th - 9th

I'll be in Las Vegas!! So if you're a photographer who would like to work with me or a promoter wanting a GOGO dancer I'll be there. If not at least I can catch up on some much needed sleep. Waking up at 5am every morning when there's no net at your house and nothing to do is kinda irritating. I'll have tons of links at the end of this post. Feel free to contact me at those to set up a shoot!

Other than that... life is calm in Siren world... cold but calm.

Had a wonderful shoot this weekend with Vintage Vista who quite possibly might be the nicest photographer whose ever graced my presence. Organized... always looking out for the model. Just a pleasure to work with.  I can't wait to get the pics back!! (oh yes one of the few photogs that doesn't bitch about sending pictures... I don't have to hound you to get things back even though technically you don't really have to send anything.) He Even provides high quality prints!! You just can't get any better than that... :)

The photo above was shot by MXD Studios (another cool guy to work with)

End Transmission

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

a new video

yay 2 vids in one week... how unheard of j/k

Shooting schedule is still the same... 2 saturdays booked in a row... but the rest of the month is game. Lots of day job, extra gig applying this week. So far I haven't really heard back from anyone T_T Then again I've been a bit stranded but next week will be better!! (feel free to contact me on any of the sites bellow/comment, send a message and what not for shoot inquiries)

Really looking forward to bunker tomorrow as well!!

I'll have to make this short (I've yet to have lunch) But I'd like to say thanks for the new follows, favs and all the love from Deviant Art!! and a super duper thank you to whomever bought a few prints a few days ago :hugs:

End Transmission

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why are females with your personality and hobbies such a rare occurance in todays society?

I'm not sure that they're that rare... I know plenty of female gamers, chicks who like sci fi and guns and ridiculous cheesy violent crap... I think folks just have to get over the whole typical gender roles thing. Then again I don't know where the "normal" girls hang out at but I tend to propagate places filled with folks with like minded interests... I guess that's where it starts... maybe ya just gotta go to the right places. However a girl into classic gaming... I've yet to meet one who likes neo geo... 16 bit crap... classic games or a true arcade trip (and I don't mean just dancing games... I mean everything from racing to light gun to classic platformer shooter action etc. ) kinda girl so far, also haven't met a guy into that either... meh...


Do you like children? Would you like to have any? Or do you think they'd only get in the way of your life prospects?

sure I like children... sometimes I wonder if I'm awkward around them (as I feel strange around most new people) but one thing I do enjoy about them is that they're very honest so if they don't like me they'll let it be known... they have no filter like adults do. I don't want to have any of my own, aside from financial reasons emotionally I'm not sure I could handle dealing with my own child... the things that could go wrong would probably set me up for a nervous break down... and if someone hurt my child... especially in terms of sexual abuse I'd have to cut off their genitals... a lot of sicko's out there... I dunno how I would deal with that....


Would you rather vacation in a city or on a beach?

City plz, the beach isn't always a pleasant place to go, I catch cold very easily so I wouldn't be comfy at a beach most of the year


Monday, September 26, 2011

Since I haven't posted a video in a couple of weeks

I think :(

here's one... that is utterly pointless but still hahaha. I'm attempting to edit all my videos from now on and to attempt to not look like utter crap in all of them :D If you have any topics you'd like me to discuss feel free to message me them or comment.


No word back from when the whole Gogo team "meeting" will be. Since I have day job work Friday (very early) I won't be going out Thursday like I'd hope for. I guess it's a good thing since I don't get paid from last weeks gig until Friday so... I guess it's ok if I wait an entire day. I'm predicting that I'll be incredibly exhausted though... I have a shoot the next day with Vintage Vista but it's pretty late in the afternoon/evening so I should be all rested up by then :D

I guess that's about all that's going on in Siren land...  aside from going to the movies tonight  and ever checking on random job opportunities lest I not die a starving uh... artist/model/boobshaker :D

Hopefully I'll see you at Bunker Friday!!!

Feel free to message me on  some of the sites at the end or comment if you'd like to book me for a shoot or dancing or to stand by idle and eat all of your pizza... I'm very good at that.

**shoots to happen so far.....

October 1st Vintage Vista

October 8th Sal W Hanna (provided I can find my damn costume but I think I should be able to by then, if you'd want to donate one out of the kindness of ur wallet or just curious as to what kinda crap I like feel free to check out the wishlist on the sidebar)

Papa vic Photography took this spiffy pic above... in the spirit of.... good ol' pumkin day I've shared it with thee hither....

End Transmission

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What fall TV show are you most excited about?

dexter!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Should a fantasy remain a fantasy? Or should we go ahead and experience it for real? Do you live out your own fantasies?

I think if you can do it w/in reason w/out hurting anyone (unless of course they like that sorta thing) then sure! Some fantasies though (IE some folks haven't had threesomes... can be damaging in ways one doesn't expect...if one is in a serious relationship. Jealousy on either or both sides can erupt etc.) Yeah I can say I've fulfilled a few fantasies in my day :D


Friday, September 23, 2011

If you could attend any concert, what would it be?

uh syn:server who happens to be playing tonight but alas I must work for food lol


Who is your favorite YouTuber?

uh..... hmm I'm not sure that I have one actually. I tend to watch random things on youtube or music videos... :-/


I asked a question a few weeks ago, and one line in the answer caught my eye... "...I'd rather not be a hermit once more." would it be too personal for me to ask what you meant by that? if so... I apologise.

a hermit... pretty much I meant that I've always been a bit of an introvert. So most of my life I've befriended books or games or hobbies rather than people. I think I'm slowly breaking away from that though I still prefer to be alone sometimes or in smaller groups... but I'm no longer anxious about social situations, I haven't had a panic attack over it in nearly a year... I'm really happy about that.



I want to apologize for being so net silent lately... My interwebs have been out at home at random along with other developments (random work so I haven't had the time to come and mooch star bucks interwebs)

I'll have a new video up as soon as I'm able to be online long enough to upload one (well for those of you who watch those... thanks you 2 lovely people hehe ok maybe like 5 lovely people?) I attempted editing and I think they came out decent enough. Not great but for a noob like me it's pretty cool PLUS... it's windows movie maker so I doubt you can do anything terribly high end with that... right?

At work (on my random one week job) I saw a commercial for some Panasonic cam that takes HD video and has interchangeable lenses that made me want to cry. I was like "I WANTS PLZ!!" but things like that can wait I guess. I'm sure seeing one's blemishes in living pix-elation is... exciting.

October is upon us soon!! I remember it said that I can have funky colored hair this month. I'm thinking of blue simply because I may be attending a rave and I already have some blue components to an outfit. I would have more but clothing issues always seem to arise with me but no matter. I'm sure by then I should be able to purchase the missing pieces and be a tantalizing... blue- tutu thing :-/

I'm debating whether I want contacts. I haven't had any in a year and I kinda miss wearing them but as always when starting a new contact kit it's a bit irritating. You have to find said contacts... then buy the new cleaning kit... and a shit load of eye drops to use every 20 mins until ur eyes adjust to having weird shit in them (or perhaps this is special to my eyes haha I dunno).

I'd love to book some horror themed shoots! (Not just cause of Halloween but b/c they're awesome and fun) I think I should adopt a new policy on trade shoots. Discuss having files transferred to my hard drive after a shoot or a disc being made (since I now have a bad ass rom drive woot woot to having a full computer now lol) I rather hate not receiving pictures especially when I'm doing it for the pictures (I mean it usually is but it's less painful when at least I got some dinner money so I can't complain too much)

Gogo dancing news! We've a scheduled skype meeting (sometime next week). So hopefully that goes super and my stupid Internet is on at my homestead cause I would rather not skype from starbucks tbh lmfao.

Possible shoot next week? I do really want this to happen. How long has this been in the works? A year, more than that??

Alright I should get off of here before I'm kicked out of here...

End Transmission

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