Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ranty Rant Rant Rant

Well money has randomly been an issue off an on since... as long as I've had to take care of myself. I suspect this will be an issue til my last breath or until some magical person comes down from the sky and showers me with decent food and shelter.

I thought that I was finally getting a bit of a handle on that but little cracks keep happening here and there. I guess this is probably normal for most people now a days though which is sad. Was there ever a time when most people worked hard and could afford to eat decent and set aside a bit for a rainy day? I just don't see that happening so much now a days.

I know people with college degrees (and even some with multiple college degrees) who still struggle to get by or are always doing temp work or some other form of lofty income.

It starts with a company I shall not name but frankly things have been going down hill. From the constant site failures and the lack of toys that were once always there being stolen by random hoeskies. To the random rule changes and the site not accepting pay. A once stable source of income has become just as lofty as all my other random jobs.

Oh I was also over payed apparently and that's my fault so. . . I guess I was supposed to work for how ever many fucking days w/out pay whilst paying to get there and of course arriving an hour early to douche my ass cause some cunt left their ass juices on their anal fun toys.

On top of this the site I use to sell videos is having some credit issues. Since I transferred funds to this "PAYZA" fucking site I can't get any of my damn money. I wish I had transferred the funds at 20 bucks so at least I would just be out that but nope I had to be all adult like and wait until it was at a decent amount to want to change things. I contact them and get some condescending ass message about you need to submit bills with this person's name (I of course used an alias as I very RARELY) use my real name online. I wasn't aware of the fact that you cannot do this... guess this teaches us all a valuable lesson of really reading fine print. Perhaps even very obvious in your face print. I'm sure many people, self included just go past these random screens w/out really reading what the hell they say). I explain that I set up the profile under an alias and get a similar message saying to submit the files before (not saying how to submit these files or the fact that my name is different, if that will be a problem). I call them and there's no answer. I try to close the account and I cannot.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo now I'm trying to sign up with another site they use for payment and "hoping" that I won't have the same fucking issue as I mostly enjoy the site and would like to keep making videos and products there.

And so... this is my state on this fine fine titty tuesday. A state of general irritation.

At least I have clean clothing and a cup o' noodle to hold me through this major frustration.... Rent due and all sorts of madness.

That is all for now.... soon we will continue our original programming of mindless spam and prattle and pictures of tits and dirty puss puss so no need to fret!


An angry Siren

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Candid Sunday

Brought to you in part by a shoot with Devin Devoor. A pretty awesome photographer. I can say that I honestly wouldn't let too many ppl spit anything on me and after this experience it doesn't bother me as much. (maybe in the name of awesome delicious blood type product is the spitting thing acceptable so long as it's not my face... guess I could never do fancy face spooge shots)

Any who here's a BTS from yesterday since I may forget to do this later and insomnia is simultaneously kicking the shit out of my ass right now

Most highly recommended if you played with your food as a kid and don't mind getting dirty/ love doggies that are also cute and friendly :D

Ummm shit happy uh, mother's day? LMAO


Britney Siren

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5/9/12 chat on kinklive.com

Hey guys! I'll be on kinklive.com from noon until 3pm to chat... I hope you'll drop in. Be sure to make a profile if you don't have one already. It's free and easy and quick. (don't be alarmed by the site asking you for info... just skip it) CYA SOON!! :D

Britney Siren

Thursday, May 3, 2012

new dance video!

I've been a bit afraid to upload all the dance videos I've made but in a way I'm glad to have these old one's to look back and see if there's any improvement being made. Dancing is one of those things about life that I really enjoy right next to modeling and singing. I can feel lots of life's stresses lifeted away. I feel at peace when I dance...

Though it is a little different when recording oneself than it is being in a club with fancy lights or alone even cause you know for certain no one is watching. It's still a fun thing to keep track of.

I do hope you enjoy the video and I sincerely want to get back into updating on a regular basis. Jeez I looked at my youtube channel and saw that my last video was 4 months ago and I was like woa!! what happened there? :P

I have to get ready to head out and start my birthday weekend of dancing till I drop. Thanks for visiting and watching and hopefully this video isn't too terrible for words. I always seem to find a bunch of things to nit pick at when I watch these lol


Britney Siren

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5/1/2012 on kinklive.com

don't forget to join me on kinklive.com <---kink live today at 4pm - 7pm (pacific time) for awesome fun chatty chat! I'm sure most of us could use the stress relief  (I sure could)

Cya soon!


Britney Siren