Saturday, May 25, 2013

Some things worth mentioning

I think a good place to start is a schedule update! At least it'll be up-to-date here :D


25th Alberto Bevacqua Shoot
27th Onesohi Zivity shoot
29th Jimmy P Shoot
30th Streamate 4pm - 8pm pacific time 


1st (tentative) Live Draw Event??
8th (Tentative Shoot)

As you can see June is pretty open so if you're in the Los Angeles Area and would like to book a shoot feel free to email me here Especially if you have a zivity account/shoot video, trade is available for zivity/video that I can use for Extra Lunch Money!

If you're interested in voting as a fan or video/custom requests also feel free to click those respective links

Up to date updates are always available via TWITTER


So other than that what's been going on? I had a bit of a scare in the family but other than that things are going relatively well. I felt very appreciated in chat this past thursday. I'm so glad that folks still wanted to talk despite my less than premium cam quality. I do hope to improve this very soon. Just have to keep saving up for that apartment of my very own!! There's a big maybe on hoping on streamate monday! Keep your eyes peeled to twitter to see if that happens!!!

Also new signed prints available for this week on Ebay! So bid to get yours! Discounts on shipping for multiple photos are also available! I want to get some old clothing on there but I'm going to wait until I have a place again, currently my things are scattered across storage and random folks houses so it might be a little difficult to find out where it all is (poop on me)

Things with friends have been at an all time high... thank you all for the support during my crisis. I'm not going to go into anymore detail than that. Just thank you so much!

Debating whether I should upload all these random youtube videos I recorded or whether my views have changed so much that they're irrelevant... Probably should just let them rot on my hard drive or delete some of them :)

OH Um for those who are interested in texting fun you can do so here at this nifty little link! Ensuring that I answer you with the up most speed and awesomeness :D

I guess that's about it! OH finished Tomb Raider last week and I've been getting slightly better at Insect Princess (cave shooter). Hoping to have a wee bit of gaming time over the weekend inbetween shooting and this weeks movie night... or I could curl up into a ball of tired and get some rest for a change :P

What are you guys thinking about the Xbox ONE?!! Personally I think it's a bit too early to tell. I normally wait a good year or two before I decide which direction to go with console wise. After all systems have been out, showed what games they'll have, how strong their community will be...what features will stand the test of time and which will fall to the way side. I'm excited to see what direction things will go in. I may forgo all of this and just save up for the Vectrex that I've always wanted... or get my sega genesis back or other retro systems. I miss blowing into those cartridges and the endless wires that come with them...

Though in the grande scheme of apartment hunting and still learning to drive my bucket of a car this is all pretty low priority I suppose.


Britney Siren

If you haven't checked out this full set you can do so here at the link! Vote if you like it to support set making! Incentives are available for voting!! 

If you like any of the other sets you can vote there too!!


Monday, May 13, 2013

I've played 14 hrs of gaming this past week, hooray for me...and stuff

Wanted to give a little schedule update... it's been a while since I've done that (sorry I've been a bit all over the place lately)


15th cinephotographer shoot (zivity)

16th streamate (4:30 - 8pm) tentative s/n britneysiren

17th kinklive (12pm - 3pm)

20th super wink shoot (zivity)

21st xposure 101 (zivity)

24th kinklive (noon - 3pm)

31st kinklive (noon - 3pm)

If you'd like to book me please feel free to email me here

I also have a few new prints up on Ebay so check those out if you like

Other than that... my birthday was last week. I must say that it's been the most time I've had to myself in a long while. I expect this week to be a bit more busy but more shooting than I'm used to. Something has to go in a different direction than it has gone in the past... I guess the whole studio situation has pushed me to get back into shooting like I should've been doing eons ago :)

I'll also be giving streamate le old test run. I found a place to work from though I'm guessing I won't have all the fancy gadgets and doodads from before considering I still haven't learned to drive my car and can't tote giant weiners and such on the bus on a daily basis. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up a couple more incognito one's and some oils and can share some lovely conversation and good cheer with you all.

I'm not leaving kink either but I have significantly reduced my time there as it's been a slow start and I can't justify spending so much time traveling and not making up enough to cover my food and busfare for that day let alone a full week... perhaps I don't have enough fetishy attire or something beyond my understanding but I'll still be there once a week.

As it stands now one day at kink and depending on how many shoots I have during the week a day for streamate?

I haven't worked out the kinks just yet (ho ho ho the kinks, I'm a regular insert some funny person's name whose actually funny.) but I'll figure it all out.

I'd like to give another big thanks for all the birthday gifts and well wishes that have come from all of you kind people. I really appreciate it... srsly *hugs*

I guess that's all I can muster for now... enjoy a random picture for your viewing pleasure

by peter heid


britney siren