Monday, October 31, 2011

What is your favorite Halloween costume?

my starfeet uniform :D (though admitedly the legs are a bit short... *sigh* )


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

happy wednesday!

Sonic 2 ranting for the masses!

At any rate if there's anything you guys would like to hear me talk about feel free to comment or message me and I'll make a spiffy video edited for maximum awesomeness!!

Other than that I'm excited for tonight! I have my first shoot since the start of the month and it has a cool theme. Plus any excuse to get out of the house is always lovely (in a non spending the money I don't have sorta way).

Other news... I've been contemplating the live chat thing. With great... pondering I have a few issues. My connection is wireless therefore the speeds/quality will probably be shit depending on which way I tilt my computer, the orbit of the planet and all that shit. Other than that my house is too fucking loud, people are very much so into what you're doing and for some reason while you're in the middle of something want to call you five billion times. I doubt I'd be able to block off enough quiet time in a well enough lit room to really do a live chat anytime soon.

Hopefully the weekend will bring many lovely pictures from a group shoot you should totally attend b/c it'll be FANTABULOSO!! It's in NOHO and there shall be food!! For more info on that click here! I'll be booking 1 on 1 shoots after the group portion :D

Oh and I finally logged onto my game crush account that I haven't used in well forever! I'm trying to figure out how to change my name there. I guess if that's not possible I'll have to delete it and start anew perhaps. I haven't done much with it so it's no big loss but I hope it's possible. I got my ass kicked in tic tack toe and that was aweful... god I suck at that game T_T Why dont' they have tetris or something!!!??

this pic was taken by this guy here!

End Transmission

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What's your favorite day of the year?

I'm not sure, it's usually a moment in time where everything is perfect. You're with those you love, you feel warm and complete, loved... can't say i've ever felt that way on a holiday lol I can pinpoint my fav day last year... maybe more like fav moments


Monday, October 24, 2011

Come out and shoot me! Bang Bang!!

I'll be attending another wonderful and awesome group shoot hosted by Glass Slipper Studio! This Event will be this Sunday the 30th The original posting is located here so go on ahead and sign up and stuff!!

My shoot today I couldn't make it to (sucks not having a car).... but hopefully I'll have another oportunity to do something similar... some day...

oh well no spilled milk crying!

I have a shoot Wednesday w/ Red Red Red. Should be interesting... we'll see, and another shoot Thursday w/ one of my favorite camera have-er-persons Lightbrite

So new photos, an event, possibility for not starving to death and keeping my internet on for more than one month AWESOME!!!!

by Vintage Vista ... a shot taken in the dark with infrared cam... pretty cool experience, (hehehe shot in the dark plays in my mind) Still the most awesome photog evarrrrrrrrr!!!

End Transmission

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


a video about

As for happenings lately... mostly I'm tired of the random high and low periods. Broke then un broke, broken not broken and the 10 billion GWC's saying it's cool if you bring an escort but they gotta leave though when I DON'T KNOW YOU!!

I dunno if I'm just weird but the fact that I have to be alone with you for four hours for your artistic mojo to work is baffling to me. I'm starting to think that 99% of photographers are rapists. Sure some really do work in tiny spaces and some maybe get weird if there's a guy there... but I'm not betting my life on that.

Since taking this stance I probably won't be shooting very much. I'm sorry but I feel if you want to get your jollies off with a hot girl then get a call girl. I'm sure things would be a lot easier that way don't ya think? Nothing wrong with doing that either... just not something I want to do at this time.

Oh I got approved to mo-no-ties my youtube page yesterday! Isn't that spiffy? I'm wondering if I'll get a paycheck once every 2 years.... but I figure what the hell...

I guess that's about it.... bla bla bla blobbity blob lob law

End Transmission

Photographer: Unsinn Image

If you have a chance to work with him you should... he won't rape you much I promise

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What is your favorite type of candy?

hmmm... butter scotch


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

while I await this video upload

Lots of un-pretty words for a pretty world. I find it strange that in a week period I've heard 2 very disturbing homeless women's life stories. Not to say that I mind listening... I'm good at that and if I ever get enough money to go back to school I'd love to do it as a profession and all but it makes me wonder about a lot of things. Are humans really these kind creatures better than animals? How can this country sell this "myth" that hard work will pay off.

The first woman had been on the streets for about 5 months. She found a shelter but they only give out 10 tokens for the week for each person. They make them leave at 6am.... where the hell one can go with that many tokens for the week is beyond me. I think there was a curfew too. They get some bread bullshit ass breakfast and have to fend for themselves until dinner time. Her child had died that day... She began crying and I wasn't really sure what to do/say. Mind you I was sitting here playing star fox and waiting on a friend...

I ended up giving her 5 bucks, a card to a different shelter, and a security office to apply to. It'd be ironic if she found a decent job before me but I wouldn't be mad. TBH with all this going on I think one would deserve some sort of good fortune.

The other woman I met yesterday. She was or well used to be a psychologist. I looked up a few places on my comp for her. A therapist that she used to work with, a few shelters. I wonder how someone can end up in this situation but I didn't pry.

I'm curious though as to why one would come up to me out of all the folks they could've came up to? Am I that welcoming of a presence? Aside from that... why be so open with strangers? Is it a well who gives a shit I've hit rock bottom?

I'm really disappointed in how things have gotten over the past year... so many women displaced not because they want to be but b/c they just can't find work. Each time it tears my heart out a bit but I wonder what can I do but listen and maybe offer a couple of bucks and go w/out using the bus for a day or 2.

I also worry for myself. I'm in a pretty shaky situation.... I've been pitting passive aggressiveness against passive aggressiveness... well mostly I've been passive and not present I would say. Ignoring back handed comments.... ignoring lots of things. I've noticed that it does actually pass if I don't really say anything or take a walk. I'm wondering if there's some bi-polar ...ness at hand here.


Anywho back to the regular stuff...

fav photo I got thus far from my most recent shoot..... see more of vintage vista's work here The most awesome person you'll ever work with. Kind pro and not a creeper :D

As far as anything up and coming we'll see... I have a few test/interview things to go to next week... I think next week will be very busy. OH and a 90's party Saturday!! I have to find something uh that doesn't match itself to wear hahahaha. I've always wanted to throw one so I'm looking forward to this!

Karaoke tonight (so I don't feel like I wasted my bus pass purchase), and ummm more karaoke Friday for a very special birthday girl!!! (w/ perhaps a few games of elevator action if that place still has it. I only admired it from a far many moons ago. (loads cam with batteries to take pictures of shiny machines... it's been a while)

I guess that's about all... aside from well waiting for many cool things in the mail for the next week or so (plz don't get stolen... I would really cry)

End Transmission

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oh wait.. .the video lmfao

uh make up tips for dark chicks w/out dicks

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Can you picture what your life will be like in 5 years?

uh hopefully alive in a much better economy in my jeep driving stick shift over the horizon


if you could; would you ever want to get to know all your followers?

sure why not... dunno about all but a few seem interesting.


Monday, October 10, 2011

What's your biggest phobia?

being stuck in financial limbo for the rest of my life


What does your dream house look like?

one with rooms and no one living in it but me and who I'm fucking at that time...


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Do you like to be the center of attention?



would you ever try to talk to all your followers at once (i.e. JTV) or do you prefer the quieter means, like formspring?

I've never really thought to do that for a few reasons... I don't have internet at home, even if I did my house tends to be loud and I probably wouldn't be able to sit down long enough to do such a thing. Not even sure what I would talk about actually or if anyone would be there... perhaps if I were more popular I'd consider it


and so weekend plans were cancelled

The heavens burst into flames and but mainly rained money. J/K!! Ended up going to Karaoke with a lady who I'm growing quite fond of, not in a rape you sorta way but in a "you're a cool dame" kinda way. This will probably be the first and last time I'll ever get money thrown my direction at karaoke, dancing fully clothed... I think. Quite a fun/bizarre happen stance I would say. I don't think I've ever been given that much money for not really doing anything but dancing like a drunken fool lol

A welcome change from earlier in the day where I did my good deed of the year by giving a homeless woman sage uh listening skills and some advice. I gave her a card to a shelter, a few bucks and told her of a place to apply to for work. She'd lost her child that day and many other buzz killing things that kinda stole a bit of my sunshine for a moment. I felt a little bad that I wasn't able to help more considering I'm barely doing better than that. I did feel for her to a degree though having been in that situation but not nearly as horrible as losing a child whilst having family estranged from you. I felt a bit more thankful for the situation I'm in. While it's not perfect... I have my health, have forged some relationships which I'm not sure would've happened had my head been clouded with the junk of earlier in the year. (IE the over analyzing of anal brain waves brain waving.....)

I'm also proud of simply being able to communicate a little better with the general population. The telephone no longer intimidates me. So I guess this whole YouTube experiment is some what working? Either way I enjoy it when I have enough quiet/batteries to record something and I'm starting to enjoy the basic editing process. I may try to write out some formal things soon so as to not sound like a total disorganized scatter brain as I sound like in this video lol

(jeez this vid was actually longer than it is now lmfao)

With the exception of money always being in need.... I'm happy with most facets of life.

It's been a while since I really wrote a long entry about life. While I can be modest and say "oh no one really reads this thing" Truth is anyone who gives a shit about you reads the shit you write and even more prevalent than this.... those who hate you pay even more attention. So the day to day details should be saved for those involved right?

I've heard more than my share of wierdos who dislike or want to feign like saying second hand shit. I guess uh what do they say, "haters gonna hate" I'm not terribly concerned with this but when it pertains to those I love and who love me I'd like to keep them out of this as this isn't what they signed up for right?

Life is good...

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

loool ur Formspring answer made me LOL :P cuz siren got a big boooootayyyy xD

hahahahaha 10 points for use of the word boooootayyyy


How long have you had your favorite pair of blue jeans?

since 10th grade which I guess would've been 2001 I'm amazed that I can still fit them though many have ass ripped since then (srsly I never thought that would really happen to me but it has lol)


Do you watch Anime?

I'll watch a few older series on occassion but frankly I think I've grown out of the whole anime thing. I don't particularly like it's style, the constant re-use of the same animations episode to episode... how a lot of it is similar. The rediculous yelling at random times and certain things that get lost in translation. I'd rather watch something American with a good story/character development. I don't care for flashy animations or flashiness in general... Sadly American animation hasn't been the best in recent years either... there are a few gems here and there but a void is there. Luckily though there's always comic books which never fail to please :D


Traveling! October 7th - 9th

I'll be in Las Vegas!! So if you're a photographer who would like to work with me or a promoter wanting a GOGO dancer I'll be there. If not at least I can catch up on some much needed sleep. Waking up at 5am every morning when there's no net at your house and nothing to do is kinda irritating. I'll have tons of links at the end of this post. Feel free to contact me at those to set up a shoot!

Other than that... life is calm in Siren world... cold but calm.

Had a wonderful shoot this weekend with Vintage Vista who quite possibly might be the nicest photographer whose ever graced my presence. Organized... always looking out for the model. Just a pleasure to work with.  I can't wait to get the pics back!! (oh yes one of the few photogs that doesn't bitch about sending pictures... I don't have to hound you to get things back even though technically you don't really have to send anything.) He Even provides high quality prints!! You just can't get any better than that... :)

The photo above was shot by MXD Studios (another cool guy to work with)

End Transmission

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