Wednesday, October 12, 2011

while I await this video upload

Lots of un-pretty words for a pretty world. I find it strange that in a week period I've heard 2 very disturbing homeless women's life stories. Not to say that I mind listening... I'm good at that and if I ever get enough money to go back to school I'd love to do it as a profession and all but it makes me wonder about a lot of things. Are humans really these kind creatures better than animals? How can this country sell this "myth" that hard work will pay off.

The first woman had been on the streets for about 5 months. She found a shelter but they only give out 10 tokens for the week for each person. They make them leave at 6am.... where the hell one can go with that many tokens for the week is beyond me. I think there was a curfew too. They get some bread bullshit ass breakfast and have to fend for themselves until dinner time. Her child had died that day... She began crying and I wasn't really sure what to do/say. Mind you I was sitting here playing star fox and waiting on a friend...

I ended up giving her 5 bucks, a card to a different shelter, and a security office to apply to. It'd be ironic if she found a decent job before me but I wouldn't be mad. TBH with all this going on I think one would deserve some sort of good fortune.

The other woman I met yesterday. She was or well used to be a psychologist. I looked up a few places on my comp for her. A therapist that she used to work with, a few shelters. I wonder how someone can end up in this situation but I didn't pry.

I'm curious though as to why one would come up to me out of all the folks they could've came up to? Am I that welcoming of a presence? Aside from that... why be so open with strangers? Is it a well who gives a shit I've hit rock bottom?

I'm really disappointed in how things have gotten over the past year... so many women displaced not because they want to be but b/c they just can't find work. Each time it tears my heart out a bit but I wonder what can I do but listen and maybe offer a couple of bucks and go w/out using the bus for a day or 2.

I also worry for myself. I'm in a pretty shaky situation.... I've been pitting passive aggressiveness against passive aggressiveness... well mostly I've been passive and not present I would say. Ignoring back handed comments.... ignoring lots of things. I've noticed that it does actually pass if I don't really say anything or take a walk. I'm wondering if there's some bi-polar ...ness at hand here.


Anywho back to the regular stuff...

fav photo I got thus far from my most recent shoot..... see more of vintage vista's work here The most awesome person you'll ever work with. Kind pro and not a creeper :D

As far as anything up and coming we'll see... I have a few test/interview things to go to next week... I think next week will be very busy. OH and a 90's party Saturday!! I have to find something uh that doesn't match itself to wear hahahaha. I've always wanted to throw one so I'm looking forward to this!

Karaoke tonight (so I don't feel like I wasted my bus pass purchase), and ummm more karaoke Friday for a very special birthday girl!!! (w/ perhaps a few games of elevator action if that place still has it. I only admired it from a far many moons ago. (loads cam with batteries to take pictures of shiny machines... it's been a while)

I guess that's about all... aside from well waiting for many cool things in the mail for the next week or so (plz don't get stolen... I would really cry)

End Transmission

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  1. I imagine they sense a sympathetic spirit. Despite our crappy economy, many people don't realize how close many Americans are to being homeless. Many of our representatives are too busy blocking Obama's job bill instead of doing what could be best for Americans. I really could go on, but it could take awhile. Good luck on your job search.

  2. Thank you :)

    Hmmm I'm not sure how much faith I have in our government anymore. Looking back I made more money working full time at mc donald's when I was 19 than I do now

    When the job choices for women are food service (if you can find it) and showing ur cooter, something is wrong with that economy

  3. I was actually thinking about becoming a hooker clown but since you disparaged it, I've changed my mind and decided to become a garden-variety truckstop hooker. Unless you start disparaging truckstop hookers too, that is.

  4. hahahahahahahahahaha oh no truckstop hookers are service. If they disappear the very fabric of our country shall ummm be ran by banks leaving many women and children homeless in the.... OH that's what's ruining the economy... lack of hookers!!!