Monday, October 24, 2011

Come out and shoot me! Bang Bang!!

I'll be attending another wonderful and awesome group shoot hosted by Glass Slipper Studio! This Event will be this Sunday the 30th The original posting is located here so go on ahead and sign up and stuff!!

My shoot today I couldn't make it to (sucks not having a car).... but hopefully I'll have another oportunity to do something similar... some day...

oh well no spilled milk crying!

I have a shoot Wednesday w/ Red Red Red. Should be interesting... we'll see, and another shoot Thursday w/ one of my favorite camera have-er-persons Lightbrite

So new photos, an event, possibility for not starving to death and keeping my internet on for more than one month AWESOME!!!!

by Vintage Vista ... a shot taken in the dark with infrared cam... pretty cool experience, (hehehe shot in the dark plays in my mind) Still the most awesome photog evarrrrrrrrr!!!

End Transmission

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