Wednesday, October 19, 2011


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As for happenings lately... mostly I'm tired of the random high and low periods. Broke then un broke, broken not broken and the 10 billion GWC's saying it's cool if you bring an escort but they gotta leave though when I DON'T KNOW YOU!!

I dunno if I'm just weird but the fact that I have to be alone with you for four hours for your artistic mojo to work is baffling to me. I'm starting to think that 99% of photographers are rapists. Sure some really do work in tiny spaces and some maybe get weird if there's a guy there... but I'm not betting my life on that.

Since taking this stance I probably won't be shooting very much. I'm sorry but I feel if you want to get your jollies off with a hot girl then get a call girl. I'm sure things would be a lot easier that way don't ya think? Nothing wrong with doing that either... just not something I want to do at this time.

Oh I got approved to mo-no-ties my youtube page yesterday! Isn't that spiffy? I'm wondering if I'll get a paycheck once every 2 years.... but I figure what the hell...

I guess that's about it.... bla bla bla blobbity blob lob law

End Transmission

Photographer: Unsinn Image

If you have a chance to work with him you should... he won't rape you much I promise

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  1. Hey SS, I blame technology. Some people are so socially inept that they would actually prefer to constantly text you over calling you and hearing your voice. Be careful around these photogs because a lot of them actually think they are entitled to physical gratification from models. Great vid and see you on dA

  2. Thanks... I know about that too... for me it depends. If it's something that can be discussed a lot quicker by talking (which are most things) I'd rather call and get it done with instead of sending 15 texts for the something that takes a minute to talk about.

  3. True, but it may also be a situation where it's hard for them to have a conversation. Take for instance, commuting. I commute everyday via express bus. They have a strict policy against cellphones unless it is an emergency. It's not a rule enforced with an iron fist, but it's more a common courtesy to your fellow commuters. In a situation like that, texting is ideal. Sorry if that was long winded.

  4. I take the bus too and it's not like that here (not exactly sure where you are). I also know for a fact this person has a car and was at home, there's no reason for sending anything to me at 5am unless we're doing something at that time... it's just too early.

    everything w/in reason... or just call me later cause if you can text it, it's not that urgent.