Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kink live (1/31/12)

I'll be on kinklive.com <----(kink live) at 4pm - 7pm today (pacific time)!! Please come join me in the wittiest of banter and boobs and hitachi wands :P

photographer is (colin-la)

End Transmission

Friday, January 27, 2012

Sickly Thoughts on this fine FRIDAY!

I think on some minuscule level I realize why celebrities end up doing really random irrational shit. I think the pressure from being under a microscope with people constantly waiting to tear you down or build you up can be a bit too much for any human. Even on some small level before doing shows or shooting I have a tinge of nervousness. Will this turn out ok? Will this be a waste of time? Will people like this? How am I being perceived?

Sometimes it feels like going to high school and putting on the "I'm going to hear something completely stupid today when I just want to be treated like a human being" mask of yesteryear.

But none of that matters does it. People call others these labels, from famous to slut. Goth to ghetto... all these names that take away from the fact that everyone is just human. If you're attacking a label then you don't have to look into the face of a thing and realize that you not only effect that person but those who care about them most who have done nothing to you.

Of course this doesn't matter either... such and such is stinky or that or doesn't fit in w/ the social norms that were slammed into my brain and I need to some how boost myself higher b/c inside I feel like a piece of crap so instead of working on my own inner turmoils lets focus on tearing down others outside who in actually probably remind us of the worst parts of ourselves. Do you hate them cause they're pieces of you? (yes I took that from a jewel song... fuck you it's a good song dammit!!)

Anyone who chooses to do something where your face and well sometimes vagina is out there is taking a big risk and revealing parts of themselves that most don't have the guts to do but are the first to throw stones.

This is something I'll never understand. At the end of the day we're all people... whether you have a nine to five or are shakin that ass... we all have many facets, faces...we're not just the some of whatever work medium... whatever face you've seen. Don't judge a whole person by seeing only a fraction of who they are.... don't judge what someone does when you don't have the balls to do it nor have any idea of how challenging something can be. Believe me being a "stripper" isn't easy money or else EVERYONE would do it. Could you stomach the stigma? Could you be sexy even on your worst of days? When you're tired or sick even?

I guess that's my two cents...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kink Live (1/26/12)

Please check out my show on Kinklive.com <---Kink Live Tomorrow at 1pm -4pm (pacific time)
I enjoyed all the wonderful banter, tipping, booby flashing and random talks about 80's movies from last time :D
And don't feel shy to register, it only takes a minute (or less)

How do you find new music to listen to?

last.fm , youtube, word of mouth, clubs, compilation albums


well since your last question was 2 weeks ago, here's one to break the ice, how are you?

I'm pretty super duper.... but some what hungry lol


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thoughts on Kink Live

This week is the first week that I've felt like I actually sucked big time. I'm worried that I won't be around much longer.... if you'd like to have me kept around plz support in whatever way you can. I do enjoy this job, talking to everyone and having fun... if you like seeing me plz buy a show, tip when you can, talk about me in the Kink forums etc.

I would greatly appreciate it...

I'll be on again (provided my hours aren't randomly changed) tues (1/24/12) at 7pm - 10pm (pacific/westcoast time) please judge accordingly to whatever time zone you may occupy.

If this is my last week.../ things don't improve... I'd like to thank everyone who has been helpful to me so far... who has bought shows and who continue to remain supportive.

Thank you very much

You're friendly neighborhood siren


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday updating ness...

I'm in mostly good spirits... I have well what would seem to be a busy week of modeling (though some folks never get back to me so I feel like that's a sign that the shoot is off especially when they've read my message and what not. I'd rather not have a repeat of showing up somewhere in make up and having no one there at all)

A few things grind my gears though... like random baby cat noises coming from the front of the house and loud talking altogether. I like quiet... I suppose this can be remedied with my giant headphones... I'll put those on soon enough!

I got a few things in the mail (lately) from my wishlist (which is awesome) though the catch here is I probably won't be seeing/enjoying those things until I move again since they were sent to my old addy. I hope they're safe and remain unopened and awesome. I'm surprised, excited about this latest thing... but at any rate thank you very much... If you sent a note or something with those things I'll read those. Hopefully that will also be unopened *sigh* This will be less of a pain once I get to my new place... 

Other than that (and bus riding in general) I'm fine. I look forward to seeing some friends this week... some that I haven't seen in many many weeks and have missed all this time. 

I'm sorry I haven't been doing much on Youtube lately... I've been a bit lazy/busy... hopefully that will also change once I'm settled (again)

Guess that's about it...... (here's how my schedule is looking so far as well, If you'd like to book something feel free to contact me on any of the networks where you see this posting... I'll do my very best to get back to you and if I'm taking a long time comment, message me again w/ super capslock letters saying HEY SHOOTING YOU!!!!!! Ok don't say that but I do overlook messages sometimes so don't be afraid to send more than one.)


(all times are pacific times)

17th: (kinklive.com) 4pm -7pm

18th: Toiram shoot (tentative)

18th: 8pm Meeting (boss's place--add to planner when I get it)

19th: (Kinklive.com) 1pm - 4pm

20th: Mario Castello Shoot @12pm , Fun night time plans 6pm

22nd: Jorge Araiza shoot @ 12pm

24th: (Kinklive.com) 7pm - 10pm

26th: (Kinklive.com) 1pm - 4pm

27th: busy from noon until 3pm

28th/29th : (tentative Vintage Vista Shoot)


1st: Isaac Suttell Shoot @3:30

3rd: Lucky Strike Bowling 8pm ^_^

4th: Photo Socal Shoot @ 11am, Meltdown Comics Zombie Game release party @8pm

24th: My own Party 6pm - 9pm then club/bar hopping

End Transmission

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello beautiful Siren! I am so sorry if someone asked it before, do you have boyfriend, or are you married? What are your kind of man?

I'd never get married to anyone ever! My relationship status isn't too hard to find... and considering you probably know what it is there's no point in me answering the rest of this question... sorry if that sounds cunty


What do you do to stay fit?

absolutely nothing at all... I guess not having a car has helped me walk consistently at least 2 - 3 times a week (1 day of going out dancing) so perhaps that's doing it cause i eat terribly


Monday, January 9, 2012

Had my first shoot of the new year!

It went really well. This is someone I've shot with a few times before so I was sure I would have fun but I wasn't expecting so much generosity. I guess he is trying to get some of the wardrobe out of his home (since it's taking up a good portion of his house and I believe he picks some up fairly often) If any of you know of any places that buy used clothing in the Southern California area (Los Angeles and Inland Empire) it would be greatly appreciated if ya passed that info along. I only know of one place that for certain buys used clothing and I'm not sure if they have a web page (I'll hope on google after this posting to find out haha)

I've moved from my old place which for the most part is pretty cool. I've found that trying to watch this television is a major pain in the ass cause of some retarded ass parental controls (went to ask why these were on here and well no answer so I'll probably give up on watching TV altogether. Not a horrible thing but wtf is the point of having a tv here that I'm not gonna watch cause everything is blocked ... even tv-14 programming.... srsly??!!! ) And now it's doing some stupid fucking test that I didn't ask it to do and going to the set up channel and all this shit. I really dislike this satellite business. I'm going back on netflix... fuck this shit!

Other than that though it's pretty quiet which is what I wanted. There's things I wanna get once all the extra stuff is out of this room but I guess I'll have to wait on that. At the very least I'm able to sleep a relatively good night's rest w/ no random noise so it's a start.

I always thought that I didn't get out enough to meet ppl and do things but I was told yesterday that I get out a lot actually. That made me feel pretty good. I do try to experience different things so long as I can. I really wanna make more of an effort to actually attend some meet up type things from some of the billions of groups I'm a part of. we'll see how that goes :D

I guess that's about all there is to report.... I hope the new year is treating everyone well

End Transmission

Monday, January 2, 2012

Schedule so far (january 2012)


(all times are pacific times)

3rd: (kinklive.com) 4pm-7pm

5th: (kinklive.com) 1pm-4pm

7th: (tentative night time plans)

10th: (Kinklive.com) 4pm - 7pm

12th: (Kinklive.com) 1pm-4pm

18th: Toiram shoot (tentative)

20th: busy after 5pm

27th: busy from noon until 3pm