Thursday, March 29, 2012

on 3/30/12

I'll be on tomorrow at 10am - 1pm unless the man wants to give me yet another ticket or the bus gods decide to destroy my path . . . but me thinks they want me there just as much as you do. Come on by and say hello. It's always free to chat, and feel free to do more at your own discretion . . . :D


Britney Siren

^---photographer here is pinhook

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

on 3/27/12

I'll be on kink live at 4pm - 7pm pacific time! After a breif rest for the vag it's time to come back HARD! So come spend some time on this fine titty tuesday :D


Britney Siren

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

on 3/21/12


I'll be on again at 1pm - 4pm pacific time. Celebrate an awesome hump day by getting a show w/ me tame-ing the wild wild sybian. Even a spanking or two will do.... my butt and feet were very much so ignored yesterday :D

Cya soon!!

Britney Siren

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

on 3/20/12

Hello Everyone!!

I'll be on 4pm - 7pm pacific time! Come on down and keep me some company. Tonight promises to have no random power outages or kracken's destroying the computer but lots of titty's for titty Tuesday ;)

cya tonight!

Britney Siren

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rainy Day Rant

I've probably written about this before but it's probably been a while. I've met people across the board who are either intrigued by the work I do or covertly repulsed. Some neutral and felt that as long as I'm happy there's nothing wrong with anything I do. My own personal sexual journey has had many fixations  and awkward experience and I can say w/ some confidence that I have a good idea of what I like, don't like and such. One thing I will take away from the whole unlocking of fetishes and getting into this field of work that I've learned  to not judge quite so quickly as I used to. For this I'm proud. Happy to be a bit more open and while I do have my own issues and more learning to do certain things make me feel as though I'm not alone in that. I'm thankful to have places like fetlife, good books that are educating me on power exchange and shows like the one's on that have made me feel less strange, where ppl have been really open about their experiences and thus I've felt less shame for things that should never be considered shameful. Learning that Monogamy though not always explicitly expressed can have it's place in BDSM too. That so much of it is very personalized... (let me stop myself before I ramble)

One thing I certainly dislike are generalizations. I'm guilty of this as I'm sure many have been at some point in their lives. Of course everyone is probably hypocritical to a certain degree too. Before I met a single porn star, Stripper, or any other facet of the adult business I can't even fathom what I used to think. I'm sure I didn't think ewww strippers like some people do or working in the adult industry is some sort of desperate act. I'm sure it can be for some but there are quite a few who I've met who are perfectly happy with their jobs save the stigma and weirdness of those blue collar workers in their lives. (or have eliminated talking to those kinds of people all together because of their lack of acceptance)

When I hear things like "oh YOU do/did that" "didn't think you were THAT kind of girl" etc. sometimes I want to inquire what that kind of girl is or what's so different about me than everyone else. Is a girl not allowed to have brains and some beauty? Exhibitionism is only allowed for the subhumans? Sexual openness and being OK with talking about it explicitly makes you a whore in the most negative context. Of course being paid for this body that we're told is a woman's main value in life is strictly prohibited. That this is taking the "easy" way out and that it's as simple as "just a body" especially when regarding strippers and web cam work... nothing to do with socializing or personality at all and that's why any old cumslut can come off the streets and do that shit EASY! Be uncomfortable with yourself at all costs and if your peers happen to be comfortable with themselves well find a way to bring them down to your said shame level by spurting out all your values and that you uphold for yourself because YOURS are the ONLY correct way of doing things?

I'm not saying oh you're a stupid prude cuntface if you don't take naked pictures of yourself or don't want to go to a nude beach or be flogged to death. Cause you'd rather work at Walgreen's than dance on the pole. Cause you'd prefer to have sex for free. Just like working at Mc Donald's takes certain skills (believe me I know, I've worked there and it's the most major test in patience and anger control I've ever had in the whole of my 26 years on this earth. In addition to learning to half ass teach yourself everything b/c you don't get a real training and that their fucking cash register actually makes no fucking sense in it's interface. At least when I worked there at 19 it didn't.) so do jobs in the adult industry. For those who have had some longevity in this world of get it now ADHD get it all for free cause no one has a bunch of money to spend on hookers world I tip my damn invisible hat to you. (I do have my faves and those I admire but I'll save that for some other time)

I just find it odd that most other jobs don't define a person yet there's so many mixed messages about sexuality (at least in this fine ol country of ours) and sexual roles that people so blindly adhere to. I wish more people would figure out what works for them in their personal lives, go after it and not sit in judgment of others for their decisions especially when they don't effect them. (Personally) I don't care what anyone does so long as it's not to the detriment of themselves or others. (I could ramble on and on about what I consider detrimental but it really depends on the person, one act could be devastating for another but not for everyone...)

And so I end my rainy day rant here. Off to look for possible costume things on the interwebs. Thank you for reading. I appreciate all of you even though it might take me a bit of time to answer messages b/c I can get a bit busy/lazy / amused by flashy strobe lights and pretty shiney stuff sometimes.

mucho love

Britney Siren

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Schedule Update

Schedule (dates not listed are free)

(all times are pacific times)



16th: kink live 10am - 1pm , RK Photography Shoot @ 4:30 pm

18th: Gande Foto Shoot (time tentative)

20th: Kink Live 4pm - 7pm

21st: Kink live 1pm - 4pm

23rd: kink Live 10am - 1pm

24th: Movie Night @ 8pm

25th: Geek Girl (meet up) @ 1pm

27th: Kink Live 4pm - 7pm

28th: Kink Live 1pm -4pm

30th Kink Live 10am - 1pm

31st: (busy until after 5pm)



13th Party @ 6pm



7th MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT

19th: Retro Sci-fi girls shoot

20th: Bats Day @ Disneyland (10am)

Extra Lunch Money

I have new custom products and videos in the approval stage. A couple already active as well. Feel free to message me there or here about any custom videos, pics or products you may want to see :D


thanks for taking a gander <3

Britney Siren


on 3/16/12

Hey guys! My last chat session of the week! So come on down and enjoy the wonderful world of paddle smacking to boobs, butt or anywhere else our hearts desire. Pretty please?? It's free to chat in the public chat, takes a min. to sign up. Tip for boobs/rated R fun in public and go private for X rated pleasures ;)

See ya'll soon


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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

on 3/13/12

I'll be on at 1pm - 4pm pacific time.... Cya then!!


Brtiney Siren

Sunday, March 11, 2012

thanks 4 the panties!!

I appologize for scary no make-up fancy lighting face... ok I don't muahahahahahahahaha

cya tomorrow on kink live at 2pm (pacific time!!)

Britney Siren, ending transmission :D

on 3/12/12

t's ummm double 12 Monday which means it's a good day for some nice relaxing butt paddling sybian riding action!! So join me tomorrow at 2pm - 5pm pacific time.... adjust accordingly, chat, mingle, watch my ankle cuffs a jingle.
Britney Siren

Thursday, March 8, 2012

on 3/9/12 10am -1pm (pacific time)

Hi again... I'll be on for live type chatting on <===kink LIVE

things of note: Free to chat in free chat, tip for boobs and spanks, take private for almost anything!!!!!!

I hope to see you there!

^image by arinston collander photography

XOXO Britney Siren

End Transmission

Would you ever consider doing porn?

with what I've learned about "who" is in porn it doesn't really appeal to me (IE weirdo sex offender neighbor who keeps boasting about it and the pay isn't enough etc.) THOUGH the fetish side has always been of interest to me


Who deserves your applause?

whoever makes the hitachi wand.... LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!


On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you like sex



Tuesday, March 6, 2012

On 3/6/12

I'll be on at 5pm - 8pm pacific time! Come on down, tip for a paddling, go private for a wild wild sybian ride or come in and add to the most wittiest of banter the world has EVER SEEN!!!


Monday, March 5, 2012

Last night

While I force down this healthy veggie smoothing thing of random veggies that I purchased over the weekend... I shall tell you a story of last night's dancing ADVENTURE!

I was on the heels of a very nice weekend. Finally getting groceries, orgasms, naked ppl, shooting etc. Decided hey I don't have work Monday why not go out Sunday night. I loaded up on a monster, forgot my bus pass, found that I had lost said pass, shrugged, ran back to bus stop lol

Had a nice conversation with the guy waiting there. Got to experience the awesomeness of crazy cracked out hobo singing songs from soul food and yelling out the window about being sorry to his mom and something about not wanting to hurt anyone. At least he's a conscious drunkard. My heart felt a bit of pity for a second and thanks that he was not me for anyone could be in that position. I thought back to younger years of how I might've laughed at that sort of thing and how now it's not so funny.

Anyway enough of this filler. I danced a lot, Had a lot of sweat come off of me from all the water and energy drink I consumed. Oddly I'm not sure I really needed the energy drink cause I wasn't really tired like I normally would feel but it was delicious.

On one of my trips to the bar for water some Asian dude approaches me. He seems really intoxicated on a number of things but I still remained polite. I only understood about half of what he was saying due to it being so loud in the club and my aversion to wanting to be close to anyone under the influence of drugs I mostly smiled and nodded and then went back to dancing and enjoying the pleasures of ice eating.

Another guy talked to me later. Not drunk relatively normal person. Had a nice chat and went back in for more dancing. As soon as I got back to the dance floor random Asian dude was like "where did you go" I'm like "I've been around" and proceeded to dancing. This guy was getting too close for comfort with weird awkward pelvic thrusty drunkness so I kept inching backward. Finally he says "can I buy your panties"? I thought I misheard him so I asked again but nope I heard him correctly the first time.

Not to say that I have some sort of bias against panty selling or anything but why would I do that in a dance club? This confirmed that half way creeper uncomfy vibe was correct and I proceeded to shuffle to the other side of the dance floor in super hip cool for the youngins fashion whilst letting out a very audible NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! lol About 15 minutes passed before this guy returned trying to dance again to which I did the bitchiest face possible and was walked away.

Normally my clubbing excursions aren't filled with this sort of weirdness. Earlier this person offered to give me a ride home. I dunno I rather enjoy that club (it's one of my favorites) but that some what left a poop taste on my mouth.

I enjoyed getting to be out alone and not have to worry about other ppl. Whether they're having fun, bored, hungry etc. I do not enjoy random creepy Asian man but I think I handled myself ok, got a nice ride home and all is well again in siren land :)

Now if I can only get back pictures from months ago that I should have gotten then w/out having to be annoying my life would be complete. "I won't forget you" yet I had to remind you that I wanted pictures that you said you would send when you got home. No message saying you got home or that you're working on anything. Instead I get some talk about not feeling like I gave my best and how long their shoots usually are yada yada because I didn't show up for another trade shoot (I mean if it's trade payment is the pictures so why would one assume the model doesn't want her payment) Cause normally the model "asks" for them when you say you're going to send them? I have to stroke ego's to get something I should already get after you're half way insulting.... awesome!

I probably shouldn't even be writing this but at this point I kinda don't care and just want the pics.

alright time to finish my oddly colored smoothie... have a nice day everyone!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lifestyle has to change...

I've been toying with this idea/feeling for a while now and I think I'm at a point to where I need to move forward. I wake up too many days w/ zero energy feeling half sick. I'm honestly not sure how I push myself through these days tbh.

It hasn't been as bad as it's been recently. This is the first time in life that I've solely survived on fast food. I rarely have anything home cooked or any type of fruit or vegetable that isn't on something horrible. Not to say that I dislike fruits and veggies because there's a good deal of them that I enjoy religiously... I lack food prep skills and the lack of a fridge has stopped me from buying any decent food.

Next week... I plan on purchasing a few things that I need. I'm not sure if the blender would work for this but I want to start juicing most if not all my meals for a while. It's probably just as expensive as eating every meal out (I do get the large meals too for some god awful reason). I generally spend 10 -20 bucks on food in a day which is fucking terrible so I might as well spend that on shit that won't make me feel like utter crap thank junk.

I know that I wanted to save for a car and I think I can still do that. I rarely go out to clubs and I've stopped drinking altogether so that alone should save me tons of money. (though I've bought a few skank out fits lately lol... I won't buy anymore at least until next month. I'll just cut up some old stuff I already have... I should purchase some thread today... I have needles and such but forgot this important item lmfao)

I guess I'm tired of feeling so sick randomly. Having Adema cause me great pain. I'm not even sure what causes it. I have a skin rash that comes and goes on my face that itches and I've tried every sort of cream out there and it never fully goes away. My joints hurt all the time especially my left knee. It's almost becoming unbearable and noticeable during normal walks to work. General lack of energy which means my anemia is probably back. This has been a long standing problem.

I just really want to feel good when I wake up in the morning. I want to have the desire to do the yoga routines I love w/out having to take a break in the middle b/c I feel like I may faint. Not feeling light headed during shoots. Being stronger in general and more pain free.

I need to do this for myself. . . I'm not saying I'll never eat a burger again or meet as it has it's benefits at times but I can't keep feeling so awful so often. I've already made most of my fluid intake water... I guess that's a start right?

I'd also like to apologize to anyone who planned on attending my show yesterday. I will certainly be there rain or shine, Death or living for Tuesday's show I promise!! I felt so dead in the morning that I couldn't bear the bus ride/get out of bed. Even after a few more hours sleep I was still pretty dead. I had to force myself to my shoot later that night... I don't ever want to do this again. It's really becoming a problem when I can't go to work ya know :-/

a photo from that shoot.... expect a few more soon on Deviant Art and Tumblr :-) If you'd like info on future events from this group that you're welcome to attend as a model or photographer click here!

For future booking info (schedule, contact etc.) Feel free to checkout my Model Mayhem and the DA account listed above <3

End Transmission