Monday, March 5, 2012

Last night

While I force down this healthy veggie smoothing thing of random veggies that I purchased over the weekend... I shall tell you a story of last night's dancing ADVENTURE!

I was on the heels of a very nice weekend. Finally getting groceries, orgasms, naked ppl, shooting etc. Decided hey I don't have work Monday why not go out Sunday night. I loaded up on a monster, forgot my bus pass, found that I had lost said pass, shrugged, ran back to bus stop lol

Had a nice conversation with the guy waiting there. Got to experience the awesomeness of crazy cracked out hobo singing songs from soul food and yelling out the window about being sorry to his mom and something about not wanting to hurt anyone. At least he's a conscious drunkard. My heart felt a bit of pity for a second and thanks that he was not me for anyone could be in that position. I thought back to younger years of how I might've laughed at that sort of thing and how now it's not so funny.

Anyway enough of this filler. I danced a lot, Had a lot of sweat come off of me from all the water and energy drink I consumed. Oddly I'm not sure I really needed the energy drink cause I wasn't really tired like I normally would feel but it was delicious.

On one of my trips to the bar for water some Asian dude approaches me. He seems really intoxicated on a number of things but I still remained polite. I only understood about half of what he was saying due to it being so loud in the club and my aversion to wanting to be close to anyone under the influence of drugs I mostly smiled and nodded and then went back to dancing and enjoying the pleasures of ice eating.

Another guy talked to me later. Not drunk relatively normal person. Had a nice chat and went back in for more dancing. As soon as I got back to the dance floor random Asian dude was like "where did you go" I'm like "I've been around" and proceeded to dancing. This guy was getting too close for comfort with weird awkward pelvic thrusty drunkness so I kept inching backward. Finally he says "can I buy your panties"? I thought I misheard him so I asked again but nope I heard him correctly the first time.

Not to say that I have some sort of bias against panty selling or anything but why would I do that in a dance club? This confirmed that half way creeper uncomfy vibe was correct and I proceeded to shuffle to the other side of the dance floor in super hip cool for the youngins fashion whilst letting out a very audible NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! lol About 15 minutes passed before this guy returned trying to dance again to which I did the bitchiest face possible and was walked away.

Normally my clubbing excursions aren't filled with this sort of weirdness. Earlier this person offered to give me a ride home. I dunno I rather enjoy that club (it's one of my favorites) but that some what left a poop taste on my mouth.

I enjoyed getting to be out alone and not have to worry about other ppl. Whether they're having fun, bored, hungry etc. I do not enjoy random creepy Asian man but I think I handled myself ok, got a nice ride home and all is well again in siren land :)

Now if I can only get back pictures from months ago that I should have gotten then w/out having to be annoying my life would be complete. "I won't forget you" yet I had to remind you that I wanted pictures that you said you would send when you got home. No message saying you got home or that you're working on anything. Instead I get some talk about not feeling like I gave my best and how long their shoots usually are yada yada because I didn't show up for another trade shoot (I mean if it's trade payment is the pictures so why would one assume the model doesn't want her payment) Cause normally the model "asks" for them when you say you're going to send them? I have to stroke ego's to get something I should already get after you're half way insulting.... awesome!

I probably shouldn't even be writing this but at this point I kinda don't care and just want the pics.

alright time to finish my oddly colored smoothie... have a nice day everyone!

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