Sunday, December 21, 2014

tight in the belly, stiff as a board

While I take a bit of a break from store updating and focusing on my stomach pains/sickness I guess an update is in order. I got unsick... then more sick than I was and now it seems I'm back on the recovering end again. More dr. visits/examinations and adding to the awesome mounting dr. bills that I've come to look forward to in my time of brokeness and need. Have no fear! I trudge forward with moderate optimism and positive thoughts!

I finally got Foxxy Shot the way I wanted. Hopefully the pictures will be done in time for a proper submission. I also had a shoot planned for tomorrow though I'm unsure if I'll be able to make it since my tummy has been off and I don't feel 100% confident walking/standing for long periods of time. Who knows though! Yesterday I couldn't sit up for more than 20 mins. at a time so maybe tomorrow I'll be feeling ready to run a marathon. At least that's what I hope for.

I've missed a fuck ton of camming this week. I'm sorry about that... my wallet is also sorry but I got to semi-catch up on a back log of gaming that stretches across the Andromeda and beyond.

On a positive note I got to dance before my super crash into the sick place (yet again). . . hopefully everything can be resheduled and I can get back to many updates for zivity/diverxity/whatever the hell else I need to do to avoid destitution and mental break down.

Thanks for all the kindness and kind words during this time period. No thanks for all the creepy creeptasticness like this guy

and... this guy

^--- and that guy

I could go on for hours sharing these (and left to my own devices I might... expect a harty shit talking vlog on my clips store in the coming weeks as they provide an amazing cathartic and theraputic experience w/out bloodshed and something something dramatics insert fancy words for entertainment value)

I know I make it SOOOOOO hard for people to not be creepy but the pay off would be that I don't block you and we can continue to share in witty banter and fun! I know there's a stereotype that we're all hard up idiots not good enough to finish colledge and shit (maybe that's halfway true) but still... Cam girls are as diverse as the ever flowing sea of non cam girls... some are smart as fuck, some are dumb as door knobs. Some are arrogant w/ no real reason to be.... some modest and adorable.... let's not lump everyone together...

I think this is all I can muster for the moment! I hope you've enjoyed the update and take it as no real representation of who I am but a glimpse into the mind of a mentally depraved individual whose dependence on sarcasm has far exceeded normal perameters. Can only be contained by constructive truth and more words than "that is hot" "hot ass" "booty" or any other mind numbing response to pictures of boobs.... yes I know you like my boobs or else you wouldn't be following me, what's interesting to any woman worthy of interest is telling her something she doesn't know, doesn't hear on a regular basis and establishing why you are more than just a dick since I can very well establish why I am more than just a pair of fat filled chest pillows

Happy days!


Britney Siren

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Not a ton of new news to report but things seem to be picking up cam wise for the moment. I've got a bit of a head cold and that's been keeping me from doing my foxxy shot in as timely of a manner as I had planned. Hopefully it will get shot this week and some amazing things will be coming your way soon. I'm gonna take a day tomorrow to sleep and be a lazy fat ass for a change.

Pragmatic siren is... accepting the reality of life. Nothing is forever so enjoy it in the moment. Nothing is entitled so treat it like you it's your last day with it or your days may become numbered. Aquantance is easy, closeness is hard... closeness is rare. Need for aquaintenceship fades with age. sometimes it feels as though experiences have shrank my heart two sizes too small but perhaps it's needed for feeling and caring for every misfit that one crosses paths with can create problems.

I still want a pump it up machine... still counting the days until I move...

I can't say that I'm halmark happy but I've accepted life for what it is for the moment.

Here's vlog for le week!

take care out there!


Britney Siren

PPS: I've finally ordered larger prints and mailers to send them in. I had a few with me for over a year or so but nothing to mail them in that wouldn't cause damage. If all goes well I should be able to put them up on Ebay in the next coming weeks so do keep an eye out for that. I'm also looking to purchase some t shirt designs from a few artists. I'm waiting a bit until my money evens out to do so... if you're interested feel free to contact me via email

Saturday, December 6, 2014

quick update

I don't have a ton to add this week but I wanted to show you guys a new vlog from youtube. For those of you who really enjoy those videos. It's been a tough past month that I'm hoping will smooth out soon.

Anyway here's a new vlog... cam schedule should remain the same though I did miss last night (sorry about that, I wasn't feeling too great... I'm gonna try to get on today though if my mood doesn't improve in the next few hours I can't promise that either. No one wants to see sad people let alone pay them. Ironically one problem might fix the other at least temporarily but who knows.) I haven't had a lot of hope for anything recently and many of the things that once gave me joy aren't working at the moment.

So this is the down end of things. I sometimes wonder, if anyone is really happy... what that is... :/

Anyway enjoy!

^-- hopefully this will get approved and a new zivity/diverxity set will be up too!


Britney Siren

PPS: if you happen to be around the same size (or not) feel free to check out some stuff on my ebay store as well. Everything is super cheap... trying to make a bit of change while freeing up space. I'm also willing to trade multiple items for one item as well (If you're a lady and in the area...)