Saturday, December 6, 2014

quick update

I don't have a ton to add this week but I wanted to show you guys a new vlog from youtube. For those of you who really enjoy those videos. It's been a tough past month that I'm hoping will smooth out soon.

Anyway here's a new vlog... cam schedule should remain the same though I did miss last night (sorry about that, I wasn't feeling too great... I'm gonna try to get on today though if my mood doesn't improve in the next few hours I can't promise that either. No one wants to see sad people let alone pay them. Ironically one problem might fix the other at least temporarily but who knows.) I haven't had a lot of hope for anything recently and many of the things that once gave me joy aren't working at the moment.

So this is the down end of things. I sometimes wonder, if anyone is really happy... what that is... :/

Anyway enjoy!

^-- hopefully this will get approved and a new zivity/diverxity set will be up too!


Britney Siren

PPS: if you happen to be around the same size (or not) feel free to check out some stuff on my ebay store as well. Everything is super cheap... trying to make a bit of change while freeing up space. I'm also willing to trade multiple items for one item as well (If you're a lady and in the area...)

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