Saturday, November 29, 2014

A month of visiting the Doctor waaaaaay too much

and stress and more stress. I often wonder if constant stress is the culprit behind much of this sickness (aside from fun medication side effects that only subside with pot and quick wit... moderate wit does nothing to vanquish these dastardly foes!)

I don't have a ton to add... Lately I've been trying to learn to relax which has only given me more reasons to stress which ends in this super cycle of worry, try to relax, more problems pop up and repeat.

I've fleshed out a five day cam shedule that I'll be sticking to from now on.... like a real working adult! My hope is that if I stick to it... they will cum and if they cum I will never be in such a financial hole ever again! I've been broke before but this is the first time I'm sure that I will certainly overdraft paying rent in... at least a year or so. Perhaps I've bitten off more than I can chew? If I could leave and live somewhere in the remote no where maybe I would. As much as I like the convinience of my big city... as much as it is home... it is stressful living here. hoping that fleshing out a gameplan will help me in the near future to handle all these bills without sure fire break down and to have a little tiny bit left over to do something fun with.

Fun stuff.... like Pump it up which costs excess money with the bus trip and game playing and sometimes food eating will have to go on hold for a bit. If someone bought me a damn machine for christmas that'd be awesome. May neighbors would hate it and I'd be thrilled to be able to combat the kennel noises from bellow... WIN WIN!

I'm not sure how I'm going to handle the dreaded christmas presents thing... and if I don't have enough for it I'm not going to try to stress myself getting things either. I have to make sure I'm ok before I can go thinking about everyone else.

Other than that I've been trying to get on this cosplay site submission deadline but I don't think I'll make it in time. I can't seem to find the log in info and they haven't really gotten back to me with that either which is kinda bleh...

I really wanna get over this current money hurdle... and start doing the things I set out to do....

*Shedule as of 11/29/14*

Monday         (rest)
Tuesday     (photos or rest)
Wednesday     7pm - 10pm (cams)
Thursday     7pm - 10pm (cams)
Friday         7pm - 10pm (cams)
Saturday    11am - 3pm (streamate)Sunday        11am - 3pm (streamate)

I'll try to find my cams link at some point... why cams and not streamate? Uh... Rebuilding streamate traffic during the week might be difficult for me at the moment... If it absolutely doesn't work out I'll see about adding more days to streamate in the evening and less to cams.

I guess that's enough for now... thanks giving was good, life is ok... just gotta get caught up on the fun random bill surprises of this month

also if ya can check out the butt load of crap I have on ebay for super cheap consumption. Not only would you be helping to get me out of a hole, you'd be getting crap for really cheap and helping me make room for more ridiculous crap... the circle of life... completed.


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