Friday, June 29, 2012

schedule (and anime expo)

^----------I'll be on Myfreecams from 8:30am - 10:30am (pacific time) (maybe longer depending on how things go but no later than noon)

about noon-ish - 1:30 I'll be making my way to Anime Expo.... I have to pick up my badge and I'm going to take a look around at some things and probably hang around the arcade for a good portion of the day. We'll see how things go.

I plan on working the Pixel Vixens booth in the Exhibit hall Saturday - Monday.

(There's a huge water fight thing I might attend saturday afternoon but after that I'll make my way to the con... we'll see how I'm feeling in the morning.)

If you can come out and say hello that'd be pretty rad sauce. I'll be selling prints and some other random nick-knacks (I think a body pillow was mentioned or something lol). At any rate this is my first time doing something like this so hopefully it's fun and runs smoothly.

Hopefully they have para para in the arcade.

Guess that's about all!

CYA Soon!!!


Britney Siren

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


^--------I'll be on myfreecams from 10:40 am - noon pacific time (maybe longer if things are busy)

*toys available*

Hitachi wand

3 vibrators

1 crop

1 flogger

nipple clamps

2 butt plugs

3 anal beads



Britney Siren

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


^------------------I'll be on #mfc #myfreecams from noon until 2pm (maybe longer depending on if things stay busy)

**toys today**

Hitachi wand
Nipple clamps
Butt Plugs
3 vibrators

Lotion and oils

Hope to cya all soon!!


Britney Siren

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Models amazing models!

Some very recognized and some very under seen. I've been wanting to compile a list of models I admire for a long time. As the years have rolled on (lol I'm talking live I've been modeling forever, only been 4 years) my preferences have expanded and fluctuated. I've gotten to meet and work with some wonderful models though I wish I got to do collaborations more often even if it's a "let's bring all our weird shit together, throw some paint around and odd lighting and find a story to tell" sort of thing. (actually those kinds of shoots are my favorite, though one's with a clear story or purpose are fun to... I love themes and physical challenges!)

Anyway enough rambling about here are some of my favorites.

Misstress Zelda! We met through a group shoot and she's been pretty amazing ever since. Small in stature but full of amazingness. Over the past couple of years it's been interesting to see some of the new things she does. I don't mean hey there's a snazzy costume overtaking all the photos... I mean expression wise. Not many can pull of the faces this chick can do (I know I can't pull a good deal of them off/they're difficult for me to do) It's always amazing to me when a model isn't afraid to be messy or make a bad face. A spiffy awesome lady. (lol if she does read this... hopefully it won't be too weird that I put her here since we do know each other lol)

StMerrique: What gets me about her are the amazing and graceful poses she can get into. I was really shocked to find that she's around the same height as me or shorter (can't remember exactly what the photog said) I aspire to be as graceful and flexible as her some day.

Miss Fifi: I haven't seen a whole lot of her work but what I have seen I do love! I hope to see tons more stuff from her! I'm not sure how long she's been around but I'm a fan!

Miss Mosh: I found out about her through a forum on advice for becoming an alt/fetish model. Some obnoxious lady mentioned her and was like "I had the nerve to ask for a shoot" or something to that tone. I think she's a very beautiful lady. I love that one shot never mimics the next with her.

Skin Diamond: I've actually never seen any of her adult stuff (aside from a pic here and there) Found out about her at the same time that I was asking about doing alt fetish work and if there were any non white's doing it. I still think she's amazingly gorgeous and has a lot of attitude/sexiness w/out really trying.

Satine Phoenix: She doesn't really model anymore I believe but she was one of the ladies I got inspiration from/envied in my earliest days.

Jessica White: If you don't know who she is you certainly should! I wish they wouldn't shove her to the background when I do see her in advertisements though... oh well.

January Seraph (aka Mistress January) I worked with her once my first year of modeling. That was my first real fetish/adult related shoot. She was really kind. Before I met her I didn't think people could look so much like their pro pictures in person... I'm really happy to see how far she's come. I think she's an amazing lady :D

NevaehLleh: I worked with her once YEARS ago. I don't think I ever got a single picture back though (sadly) but it was my first time working with another person and getting to see someone else pose. It was a beautiful experience. She was really kind and had hair back then. Not many can pull off the bald look like she does!

Renegade Barbie: amazing posing skills and all around kind lady. Happy to have worked with her and was really wow'd by her. Always gives good face :D

Mobius: I guess this is the name she's going by now :D Another person who I know personally who always has an interesting shoot up her sleeve. Where no two shoots look a like. Where I'm excited to see what's next.

I'm pretty sure that I'm forgetting some people here or maybe some of you out there have some suggestions of awesome ladies we should all know about. Feel free to mention them. I love finding out about new models and getting inspiration/a new extensive wishlist of people to work with.

I hope you've enjoyed it. This list is in no particular order of importance or anything :)


Britney Siren

Friday, June 22, 2012


I'll be on #mfc #myfreecams from 10:30am - 1:30pm today... perhaps a bit longer if things are busy.

*toys today*

2 vibrators
anal beads
lotion/baby oil

(I've never used these and I'm not 100% sure I can make them fit so bear with me but they are here)
1 XL anal beads
1 large buttplug

CYA soon!

Britney Siren

Thursday, June 21, 2012

myfreecams 6/21/12

^----- I'll be on mfc (myfreecams) from 8:30 - 11:30 (pacific time)

I may stay on longer depending on how the day goes.

Toys available today

*2 vibrators
*lotion/baby oil
*anal beads
*hitachi wand

Cya soon!!


Britney SIren

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Sickening

I'm certainly feeling pretty iffy. I think I need another day to rest and pump myself full of medicine. (If you saw yesterday's show I was pretty sniffly then.) I'm less sniffly but more tired/light headed. I don't think it helps matters that I'm sorta out of most of my food (other than some random can of chef boyardee... I question his chef abilities!) My left eye is enjoying watering at the moment and my head goes from pounding to sorta OK. I get up and then realize that I'm not un-sick yet.

While I don't think I'll be able to do that I think there are a few other things I can do. Presuming that next week I'll be normal start planning for that. Rest... edit some videos that I have laying around on my computer though I'm not sure that I'm up for that entirely either... we'll see. Since I was online so few hours this week perhaps I can plan to be online a bit longer (provided a really awesome interview doesn't come up where I can play a vampire stripper from outer space with lazer tits... that would be a most momentous occasion.)

Plan for the Regular Q&A thing? I know of what site I should use (and should've used all along... I just gotta well stop putting it off and do it... I have a bit of familiarity with it through watching a few other shows there so it shouldn't be too hard of a stretch) I guess it's oddness should depend on whether anyone shows up. Should this be an hour? Shorter? Guess I'll figure all that out in my head.

In the midst of all this sickness I've completely neglected my star ship... oh my Vulcan family would be enraged if they had those emotions (though I suspect they have them intensely but hide them well... silly Vulcan's). I've neglected a good deal of gaming in the midst of all this. I wonder if it's all sickness or partially not wanting to get gross sick germs on my expensive ass fight stick that works remarkably well for shooters (oh Hori you are the best! ) Perhaps one day I'll buy an xbox to play you on your system of origin. Then again nearly everything I want to play on xbox is on PC, Perhaps I'll just buy a new PC and then buy those games lol. Though I'm guessing resident evil 6 plus an xbox would be cheaper than buying a whole new computer and the game... unless i go the desktop route... I do miss having one. Stop being lame and order that Mame portable console thing and play every fucking awesome game EVERYWHERE!!!! Oh I ramble. Oh hell I forgot about the new dead or alive!! T_T My laptop will not be powerful enough to run that.

I have a shoot tomorrow that I'm guessing I'll be well enough by then to get to so yay more pictures!

All my retro sci-fi costume stuff came in the mail really early. If I'd known it wouldn't be until next month I could've ordered it later... Guess I could take this opportunity to get other accessories since it's not until he end of next month. If you'd like to attend feel free to drop me a message, note or what not and I can link you to the meetup group for it.

Start working on gathering my sonic cosplay materials? Stop my brain and actually lay down so that I might not be sick for the rest of my life?

since I've been veering back and forth between sleep and not sleeping today and sneezing I may just do that. I did want to give everyone a heads up on how I'm doing.

I do apologize for not being a healthy spring goose and able to meet all my appointments. :'(

I'm alive and recovering... oh so slowly hooray to head colds! A most formidable opponent indeed!

Britney Siren

(photographer: Marston Productions)

This is some what how I imagine my body fighting off sickness :P

Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's amazing...

When you look back on things... even things from six months ago how much one's view can change.
This can be the awesome thing about recording and sharing things with the world and the downside as you can look back on some things that are truly horrible and they get replicated everywhere...

I wish that when folks had children all their parents knowledge was immediately sent to the child. Instead of having to start off from scratch learning about the world that they could start off where the parents left off and perhaps have a chance to surpass the generation before it.

Being that this isn't the case many things are repeated. Warnings unheeded and hurts regurgitated over and over again. Not just in ourselves but in our peers, family and friends as well. It can be a difficult thing to watch.

All the while wondering if you even know wth you're doing with your own life. Who am I to tell someone else what they should think, do, say, what's appropriate?

I'm sure I've offended more than my share and being ignorant to the fact for quite a while until a similar thing happens and I'm on the other end.

I don't think I'll ever question why monogamy exists ever again. Why some folks get jealous? I used to think it was silly to for a girl to be worried about not hearing from her guy in 5 days (of course this was pre any romantic type relationship... if I didn't hear from a significant other or hell even room mates for 5 days w/ no word I'd be pretty worried now. Anything could happen). Why some folks seek support and others recluse (I tend to be the reclusive type though I guess I get my support through more passive means, like writting or music or dancing around in circles non-stop until I pass out from the endorphin rush.)

I could go on and on about what I don't want... I should focus on what I'd like to accomplish right?

**I'd like to be more comfortable around people... though I doubt I'll ever be super extrovert w/out the help of chemicals. It's been a bit better than in the past. I haven't had an anxiety attack / nausia lately but we'll see**

** to keep more of an open mind **

** more shooting and such... more stability**

** a fucking car and to go back to school **

I'm fairly sure I may want to move too. Los angeles has always been my home (aside from that brief time in '06 ) I do think that I'm a bit different now though I'd still have concerns.

There are places still in california that are more affordable that I looked up today actually... not horridly far from los angeles where I'd be able to afford my own place. I don't go out as much as I was before. I normally have a ride to shoots anyway so that may not change so much. I'd be able to save up quicker with less rent to pay.

I doubt I'd move to Oklahoma or some shit like that but LA county itself is just too fucking expensive.

I'll do some more research, weigh what things are important to me (IE: being able to live in an area with at least a few photographers, Rent price, Schools, Public Transportation, Places I can have late night insomnia walks w/out getting raped etc.)

I guess that's all (oh god why am I listening to this.... I think I'm just missing someone who this song reminds me of... which means I should probably get to reading their letter)

ok that shut my brain down... time to eat poorly and get some Civilization IV playtime in before bed since I think I need a sleep in rest day from objectifying and racists who sometime come in the same package...

Take care everyone!

schedule 6/7/12

^--------I'll be on myfreecams at 12:30 - 3:30 pm (pacific time)

afterward I'm going to look more into a chat program one of you fine ppl suggested. . . for a normal good ol' fashioned chat with you all :)

I briefly looked at it... seemed semi complicated but that might just be b/c I'm not sued to it. If that doesn't work I could always use one of the other sites I'm already on ... maybe ustream or something.

anywho cya soon!!

Britney Siren

Photographer is JAW Images, Other model is larkin love and I'm on the right... (britney siren)


Monday, June 4, 2012

schedule 6/4 and 6/5 2012

3pm - 6pm (6/4/12)

Shoot w/ Marston Photography (which means many MANY NEW PICS FOR YOU GUYS!!)

6/5/12 on kink live ( for my first overnight show! 1am - 7am. I know in the past I've had issues with getting there but I'll definately be there this time. Hopefully you'll drop in to keep me awake. Any tips for a recovered insomniac non night owl would be greatly appreciated.

Other than that I had a pretty busy weekend shooting and camming.

Still trying to find a site and time to do a regular Q&A type deal.

And after all this I have to go to my regular job for irregular hours... today will certainly be another test of endurance just as yesterday was. I haven't done multiple shoots in one day in a long while. My old rickety bones can't take it :P

*pics I are waiting on as of today...

bloody vegan gore pics

fancy head shots

more Lana Kane shots (expect a set on pixel vixens very soon!! It's a site where cosplay girls get nakey)

I hope that you all have had a wonderful weekend. I'm happy that things are looking up for the moment.

Britney Siren