Sunday, June 24, 2012

Models amazing models!

Some very recognized and some very under seen. I've been wanting to compile a list of models I admire for a long time. As the years have rolled on (lol I'm talking live I've been modeling forever, only been 4 years) my preferences have expanded and fluctuated. I've gotten to meet and work with some wonderful models though I wish I got to do collaborations more often even if it's a "let's bring all our weird shit together, throw some paint around and odd lighting and find a story to tell" sort of thing. (actually those kinds of shoots are my favorite, though one's with a clear story or purpose are fun to... I love themes and physical challenges!)

Anyway enough rambling about here are some of my favorites.

Misstress Zelda! We met through a group shoot and she's been pretty amazing ever since. Small in stature but full of amazingness. Over the past couple of years it's been interesting to see some of the new things she does. I don't mean hey there's a snazzy costume overtaking all the photos... I mean expression wise. Not many can pull of the faces this chick can do (I know I can't pull a good deal of them off/they're difficult for me to do) It's always amazing to me when a model isn't afraid to be messy or make a bad face. A spiffy awesome lady. (lol if she does read this... hopefully it won't be too weird that I put her here since we do know each other lol)

StMerrique: What gets me about her are the amazing and graceful poses she can get into. I was really shocked to find that she's around the same height as me or shorter (can't remember exactly what the photog said) I aspire to be as graceful and flexible as her some day.

Miss Fifi: I haven't seen a whole lot of her work but what I have seen I do love! I hope to see tons more stuff from her! I'm not sure how long she's been around but I'm a fan!

Miss Mosh: I found out about her through a forum on advice for becoming an alt/fetish model. Some obnoxious lady mentioned her and was like "I had the nerve to ask for a shoot" or something to that tone. I think she's a very beautiful lady. I love that one shot never mimics the next with her.

Skin Diamond: I've actually never seen any of her adult stuff (aside from a pic here and there) Found out about her at the same time that I was asking about doing alt fetish work and if there were any non white's doing it. I still think she's amazingly gorgeous and has a lot of attitude/sexiness w/out really trying.

Satine Phoenix: She doesn't really model anymore I believe but she was one of the ladies I got inspiration from/envied in my earliest days.

Jessica White: If you don't know who she is you certainly should! I wish they wouldn't shove her to the background when I do see her in advertisements though... oh well.

January Seraph (aka Mistress January) I worked with her once my first year of modeling. That was my first real fetish/adult related shoot. She was really kind. Before I met her I didn't think people could look so much like their pro pictures in person... I'm really happy to see how far she's come. I think she's an amazing lady :D

NevaehLleh: I worked with her once YEARS ago. I don't think I ever got a single picture back though (sadly) but it was my first time working with another person and getting to see someone else pose. It was a beautiful experience. She was really kind and had hair back then. Not many can pull off the bald look like she does!

Renegade Barbie: amazing posing skills and all around kind lady. Happy to have worked with her and was really wow'd by her. Always gives good face :D

Mobius: I guess this is the name she's going by now :D Another person who I know personally who always has an interesting shoot up her sleeve. Where no two shoots look a like. Where I'm excited to see what's next.

I'm pretty sure that I'm forgetting some people here or maybe some of you out there have some suggestions of awesome ladies we should all know about. Feel free to mention them. I love finding out about new models and getting inspiration/a new extensive wishlist of people to work with.

I hope you've enjoyed it. This list is in no particular order of importance or anything :)


Britney Siren

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