Friday, June 15, 2012

The Sickening

I'm certainly feeling pretty iffy. I think I need another day to rest and pump myself full of medicine. (If you saw yesterday's show I was pretty sniffly then.) I'm less sniffly but more tired/light headed. I don't think it helps matters that I'm sorta out of most of my food (other than some random can of chef boyardee... I question his chef abilities!) My left eye is enjoying watering at the moment and my head goes from pounding to sorta OK. I get up and then realize that I'm not un-sick yet.

While I don't think I'll be able to do that I think there are a few other things I can do. Presuming that next week I'll be normal start planning for that. Rest... edit some videos that I have laying around on my computer though I'm not sure that I'm up for that entirely either... we'll see. Since I was online so few hours this week perhaps I can plan to be online a bit longer (provided a really awesome interview doesn't come up where I can play a vampire stripper from outer space with lazer tits... that would be a most momentous occasion.)

Plan for the Regular Q&A thing? I know of what site I should use (and should've used all along... I just gotta well stop putting it off and do it... I have a bit of familiarity with it through watching a few other shows there so it shouldn't be too hard of a stretch) I guess it's oddness should depend on whether anyone shows up. Should this be an hour? Shorter? Guess I'll figure all that out in my head.

In the midst of all this sickness I've completely neglected my star ship... oh my Vulcan family would be enraged if they had those emotions (though I suspect they have them intensely but hide them well... silly Vulcan's). I've neglected a good deal of gaming in the midst of all this. I wonder if it's all sickness or partially not wanting to get gross sick germs on my expensive ass fight stick that works remarkably well for shooters (oh Hori you are the best! ) Perhaps one day I'll buy an xbox to play you on your system of origin. Then again nearly everything I want to play on xbox is on PC, Perhaps I'll just buy a new PC and then buy those games lol. Though I'm guessing resident evil 6 plus an xbox would be cheaper than buying a whole new computer and the game... unless i go the desktop route... I do miss having one. Stop being lame and order that Mame portable console thing and play every fucking awesome game EVERYWHERE!!!! Oh I ramble. Oh hell I forgot about the new dead or alive!! T_T My laptop will not be powerful enough to run that.

I have a shoot tomorrow that I'm guessing I'll be well enough by then to get to so yay more pictures!

All my retro sci-fi costume stuff came in the mail really early. If I'd known it wouldn't be until next month I could've ordered it later... Guess I could take this opportunity to get other accessories since it's not until he end of next month. If you'd like to attend feel free to drop me a message, note or what not and I can link you to the meetup group for it.

Start working on gathering my sonic cosplay materials? Stop my brain and actually lay down so that I might not be sick for the rest of my life?

since I've been veering back and forth between sleep and not sleeping today and sneezing I may just do that. I did want to give everyone a heads up on how I'm doing.

I do apologize for not being a healthy spring goose and able to meet all my appointments. :'(

I'm alive and recovering... oh so slowly hooray to head colds! A most formidable opponent indeed!

Britney Siren

(photographer: Marston Productions)

This is some what how I imagine my body fighting off sickness :P