Monday, January 9, 2012

Had my first shoot of the new year!

It went really well. This is someone I've shot with a few times before so I was sure I would have fun but I wasn't expecting so much generosity. I guess he is trying to get some of the wardrobe out of his home (since it's taking up a good portion of his house and I believe he picks some up fairly often) If any of you know of any places that buy used clothing in the Southern California area (Los Angeles and Inland Empire) it would be greatly appreciated if ya passed that info along. I only know of one place that for certain buys used clothing and I'm not sure if they have a web page (I'll hope on google after this posting to find out haha)

I've moved from my old place which for the most part is pretty cool. I've found that trying to watch this television is a major pain in the ass cause of some retarded ass parental controls (went to ask why these were on here and well no answer so I'll probably give up on watching TV altogether. Not a horrible thing but wtf is the point of having a tv here that I'm not gonna watch cause everything is blocked ... even tv-14 programming.... srsly??!!! ) And now it's doing some stupid fucking test that I didn't ask it to do and going to the set up channel and all this shit. I really dislike this satellite business. I'm going back on netflix... fuck this shit!

Other than that though it's pretty quiet which is what I wanted. There's things I wanna get once all the extra stuff is out of this room but I guess I'll have to wait on that. At the very least I'm able to sleep a relatively good night's rest w/ no random noise so it's a start.

I always thought that I didn't get out enough to meet ppl and do things but I was told yesterday that I get out a lot actually. That made me feel pretty good. I do try to experience different things so long as I can. I really wanna make more of an effort to actually attend some meet up type things from some of the billions of groups I'm a part of. we'll see how that goes :D

I guess that's about all there is to report.... I hope the new year is treating everyone well

End Transmission


  1. I'm glad to hear your first shoot for 2012 went so well. I'm still trying to get some set up. It seems to be an incredible hassle. Oh well, I'll just keep trying. I hope your year stays good and hopefully you will get your tv issue dealt with.

  2. we'll get it done.... I'm sorry sometimes my messages get really unorganized and I get behind on stuff. I'll have to go look through my messages and see where your's is... thank you so much (you must be goin gthrough DA right?) I do best through Model Mayhem since the messages tend to not get burried so often on that site