Friday, January 27, 2012

Sickly Thoughts on this fine FRIDAY!

I think on some minuscule level I realize why celebrities end up doing really random irrational shit. I think the pressure from being under a microscope with people constantly waiting to tear you down or build you up can be a bit too much for any human. Even on some small level before doing shows or shooting I have a tinge of nervousness. Will this turn out ok? Will this be a waste of time? Will people like this? How am I being perceived?

Sometimes it feels like going to high school and putting on the "I'm going to hear something completely stupid today when I just want to be treated like a human being" mask of yesteryear.

But none of that matters does it. People call others these labels, from famous to slut. Goth to ghetto... all these names that take away from the fact that everyone is just human. If you're attacking a label then you don't have to look into the face of a thing and realize that you not only effect that person but those who care about them most who have done nothing to you.

Of course this doesn't matter either... such and such is stinky or that or doesn't fit in w/ the social norms that were slammed into my brain and I need to some how boost myself higher b/c inside I feel like a piece of crap so instead of working on my own inner turmoils lets focus on tearing down others outside who in actually probably remind us of the worst parts of ourselves. Do you hate them cause they're pieces of you? (yes I took that from a jewel song... fuck you it's a good song dammit!!)

Anyone who chooses to do something where your face and well sometimes vagina is out there is taking a big risk and revealing parts of themselves that most don't have the guts to do but are the first to throw stones.

This is something I'll never understand. At the end of the day we're all people... whether you have a nine to five or are shakin that ass... we all have many facets, faces...we're not just the some of whatever work medium... whatever face you've seen. Don't judge a whole person by seeing only a fraction of who they are.... don't judge what someone does when you don't have the balls to do it nor have any idea of how challenging something can be. Believe me being a "stripper" isn't easy money or else EVERYONE would do it. Could you stomach the stigma? Could you be sexy even on your worst of days? When you're tired or sick even?

I guess that's my two cents...

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