Wednesday, October 26, 2011

happy wednesday!

Sonic 2 ranting for the masses!

At any rate if there's anything you guys would like to hear me talk about feel free to comment or message me and I'll make a spiffy video edited for maximum awesomeness!!

Other than that I'm excited for tonight! I have my first shoot since the start of the month and it has a cool theme. Plus any excuse to get out of the house is always lovely (in a non spending the money I don't have sorta way).

Other news... I've been contemplating the live chat thing. With great... pondering I have a few issues. My connection is wireless therefore the speeds/quality will probably be shit depending on which way I tilt my computer, the orbit of the planet and all that shit. Other than that my house is too fucking loud, people are very much so into what you're doing and for some reason while you're in the middle of something want to call you five billion times. I doubt I'd be able to block off enough quiet time in a well enough lit room to really do a live chat anytime soon.

Hopefully the weekend will bring many lovely pictures from a group shoot you should totally attend b/c it'll be FANTABULOSO!! It's in NOHO and there shall be food!! For more info on that click here! I'll be booking 1 on 1 shoots after the group portion :D

Oh and I finally logged onto my game crush account that I haven't used in well forever! I'm trying to figure out how to change my name there. I guess if that's not possible I'll have to delete it and start anew perhaps. I haven't done much with it so it's no big loss but I hope it's possible. I got my ass kicked in tic tack toe and that was aweful... god I suck at that game T_T Why dont' they have tetris or something!!!??

this pic was taken by this guy here!

End Transmission

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  1. Hi SS, it sucks about the live chat, was looking forward to that. I had to laugh at your vid, I never thought about Tails in that way. Can't wait to see your new set.

  2. yeah unless you want to see me run back and forth for an hour and hear noise I dunno how well that would go... lol, thank you though, i'm glad you liked the video... wish me luck tonight!! woot woot!