Saturday, October 8, 2011

and so weekend plans were cancelled

The heavens burst into flames and but mainly rained money. J/K!! Ended up going to Karaoke with a lady who I'm growing quite fond of, not in a rape you sorta way but in a "you're a cool dame" kinda way. This will probably be the first and last time I'll ever get money thrown my direction at karaoke, dancing fully clothed... I think. Quite a fun/bizarre happen stance I would say. I don't think I've ever been given that much money for not really doing anything but dancing like a drunken fool lol

A welcome change from earlier in the day where I did my good deed of the year by giving a homeless woman sage uh listening skills and some advice. I gave her a card to a shelter, a few bucks and told her of a place to apply to for work. She'd lost her child that day and many other buzz killing things that kinda stole a bit of my sunshine for a moment. I felt a little bad that I wasn't able to help more considering I'm barely doing better than that. I did feel for her to a degree though having been in that situation but not nearly as horrible as losing a child whilst having family estranged from you. I felt a bit more thankful for the situation I'm in. While it's not perfect... I have my health, have forged some relationships which I'm not sure would've happened had my head been clouded with the junk of earlier in the year. (IE the over analyzing of anal brain waves brain waving.....)

I'm also proud of simply being able to communicate a little better with the general population. The telephone no longer intimidates me. So I guess this whole YouTube experiment is some what working? Either way I enjoy it when I have enough quiet/batteries to record something and I'm starting to enjoy the basic editing process. I may try to write out some formal things soon so as to not sound like a total disorganized scatter brain as I sound like in this video lol

(jeez this vid was actually longer than it is now lmfao)

With the exception of money always being in need.... I'm happy with most facets of life.

It's been a while since I really wrote a long entry about life. While I can be modest and say "oh no one really reads this thing" Truth is anyone who gives a shit about you reads the shit you write and even more prevalent than this.... those who hate you pay even more attention. So the day to day details should be saved for those involved right?

I've heard more than my share of wierdos who dislike or want to feign like saying second hand shit. I guess uh what do they say, "haters gonna hate" I'm not terribly concerned with this but when it pertains to those I love and who love me I'd like to keep them out of this as this isn't what they signed up for right?

Life is good...

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