Thursday, May 3, 2012

new dance video!

I've been a bit afraid to upload all the dance videos I've made but in a way I'm glad to have these old one's to look back and see if there's any improvement being made. Dancing is one of those things about life that I really enjoy right next to modeling and singing. I can feel lots of life's stresses lifeted away. I feel at peace when I dance...

Though it is a little different when recording oneself than it is being in a club with fancy lights or alone even cause you know for certain no one is watching. It's still a fun thing to keep track of.

I do hope you enjoy the video and I sincerely want to get back into updating on a regular basis. Jeez I looked at my youtube channel and saw that my last video was 4 months ago and I was like woa!! what happened there? :P

I have to get ready to head out and start my birthday weekend of dancing till I drop. Thanks for visiting and watching and hopefully this video isn't too terrible for words. I always seem to find a bunch of things to nit pick at when I watch these lol


Britney Siren

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