Monday, November 21, 2011

My last free date for a bit....

This makes me pleased and extremely tired thinking about it lol! I know I'll get through it though. Waiting on some really neat pictures from a week ago. I've seen one and I like what I saw so hopefully the entire disc is full of pretty-ful-ness to add for you're viewing pleasure! I figured I should write something today b/c I may forget to do so if I wait further along in the week. So here's what my schedule is looking like so far.....


25th - 27th (work... available after 6pm on these dates)


3rd Group Shoot in Riverside (message me for details on attending as a photographer)

11th Harem Girls/Opium Den group shoot in the Valley (message me for details on attending as a photographer)

If you'd like any details on any of these shoots... would like to book me for anything... feel free to send me a note/PM on any of the sites, (I'd prefer that to a comment but that's ok too... we'll figure it out)

Other than that life is good. No major issues... not entirely broke, got some new shoes, and hopefully I'll find time for a new hair do soon (as I'm really bored of my hair now, jeez it's been this way for 2 months... time for a change!!!!!!!!!!)

I hope you all have a very uber awesome thanks giving!

Also thank you uber awesome person who purchased 2 prints this week!!! Another special thanks to all those who actually signed in for chat on Kink last week. I really appreciated you guys being there and keeping me entertained. Thank you to all the new followers/watchers/friends/subscribers and such and all of those who have been keeping track of me for a while. 

She's relocated and stuff but still das uber awesome.
Give her monies!!!!!!!!

and some video that I made in response to another retarded video LOL.... jeez the still they chose looks mad psycho....

End Transmission

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