Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How could you not??

I'm copying a post I read on fetlife that I wholeheartedly agreed with... the original post. I would simply link to the post but it's hidden to users only but I really like what was said so... enjoy!

I read one of the threads in one of these discussions that asked the question; can you love your slave? It seems to me that this is one of those how could you not issues. First of all, in the world of consensual slavery, she serves you because she loves you. Secondly, because she trusts your intelligence and strength enough to give control of her well being over to you. What man, who accepts this from a woman, could not love her? I find the idea of releasing a slave when love enters into it to be ridiculous. I’m not in the business of training girls wholesale, or of owning more than one. I want to be able feel deeply about the person who shares my life. This girl, who places herself at my feet, is many things to me. Not only is she my slave, but also my lover, my friend, confidant, and muse. Some men will tell you that loving a slave will make you weak, and that your strength and will suffer for it.
This is of course not true at all. Denying yourself the depth of emotion of which you are capable, is not a strength. It is a flaw. There is no power in dispassion, there is only emptiness. Human beings can only truly come together on an emotional level. Beyond even marriage, the master and his slave are the deepest of relationships, a symbiotic one, drawing their strengths and joys from one another. I am discovering these truths more and more recently. I have been called Master for many years now. Slaves have come and gone, some good, some not so good. I can only surmise that the man who cannot allow himself to love his slave, has not found his slave. What man can say that winning the love of a woman so completely, and returning it in measure, each of their own accord and by their nature, is weakness? I cannot scorn any who do not accept these truths, I can only pity them.

Anywho hopefully you'll all be joining me onKINK LIVE tonight (4pm -7pm pacific time) We'll chat it ups and downs and all arounds while shaking those boobie tassles around (boobie tassles not included)

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