Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Which means a new video! And Scheduling update... woot woot!


1st: 10am -1pm (pacific time)

3rd: WP Group Shoot in Riverside (still available for 1 on 1's)

9th: Group Shoot in Lomita

10th: Party of Glutenous Proportions

11th: Harem Girls/Opium Den Shoot in Winnekta (1pm)

If you're interested in booking me feel free to send me a message, comment, note and such on whatever respective website that I've linked to this. I'm normally not free on tues/thurs.... The other dates tend to vary. If you're interested in attending any of these group shoots feel free to message me as well and I can link you to the details :D

Other than that I've got new hair and a new lease on life! Well mostly I'm having really nagging throat pain. Started out scratchy yesterday and now it's scratchy and in pain. Tickling the back of my thought in the most peculiar way.... even still I shall press on and do my duties!

The video I posted last week about atheism keeps getting the same replies of "but it doesn't mean you're a church or that you don't need support b/c you're an atheist." I never said you don't need support... my real point is don't make it such a point that you feel awkward or block out possible friendship b/c you need other "like minded" ppl around. Don't make it seem like someone can't be like minded b/c they follow a religion or be supportive or have similar experiences in other things. I predict I'll be saying this many more times in the future. Perhaps I should block all commenting and do a response video to the original... when I'm not feeling lazy.... I don't have to leave for a while so perhaps I'll get off my ass and do that lmfao. I guess such is the dilemma of video or the internet, you can't just explain what you mean right away and 50 ppl will come at you with the same argument lol

I guess that's about all in Siren land... I'm going to take some meds and try to snap this cold away from my system T_T

this lovely boobie shot is by Arinston Collander

End Transmission

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