Friday, November 11, 2011


So forgive the off-beat-ness of the video. If I didn't add the mp3 you would've heard many dog noises and random things in the background... kudos to me for not breaking concentration completely.

I'm ready to dance tonight! I'm looking forward to some good ol' industrial fun! I haven't been to a bonefied industrial club in a bit over a month and I'm rather missing it. Hopefully it won't be too bad since someone is performing/record release things going on... we'll see... I guess it doesn't matter what time I get there since the price will be the same all night and I don't plan on drinking. I'll probably aim for 11pm since that's when people really start dancing anyway.

And now for the Abridged Tentative Availability w/ Card Subject to change b/c of ranodom life issues!

*November 13th Mander Studios Shoot

*November 18th (tentative video shoot)

*November 19th Carbon Graphx Shoot

*November 20th..... working, Possible networking much afterwards from 4pm - 6pm (I'm sure you're welcome to attend if you are a model/photographer)

*November 26th (personal)

*December 3rd Group Shoot in Riverside (shoot with me and other lovely ladies)

*December 11th Group shoot in the valley (another shoot with a wonderful theme, also can't beat $20 for a themed shoot... )

(dates not listed are available)

If you'd like to book something please don't hesitate to send a note, comment, message... or what not or on any of the other sites I'm on bellow. Also if you have any questions, video requests or whatever let me know! It's become a bit of therapy for moi!

(thank you for this fan edit... I rather appreciate things like this :D____)

End Transmission

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