Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What's going on lately (shoot availability and other fun stuff)

Still waiting on pics from a day of the dead shoot that I had a few weeks ago. Hopefully they're coming in the mail (ewww why is the emergency broadcast thing playing lady gaga?? WTF) Anywho... here's a list of shoots to come/things for the rest of the month... so far...

November 10th (Interview w/ kink live woot woot)

November 11th (Shooting w/ a buddy of mine... FINALLY and possible night time activities)

November 13th (Shoot with Mander Studios)

November 18th (tentative video shoot)

November 19th (Carbon Graphx Shoot)

November 20th (LA AUTO SHOW, working)

November 26th (there's a very awesome birthday this day so we'll see what happens haha)

December 3rd (Group Shoot in Riverside) feel free to come out and work with all the awesome models!! Details in the link!!

December 11th (Harem Girls/Opium Den Group Shoot in Winnetka) You probably won't be able to beat the price of this shoot... I'm really glad to be back in the group and I'm gonna start scoping out possible outfits soon!!!

So this is what I've got planned so far... subject to change... if you'd like to book something feel free to contact me on the net works I'll have listed bellow. I'd also like to get some attire together and make a formal dancing video. Hopefully money will be the way that I like to where I can get everything together very soon!!

I guess that's about all... Back to reality TV and Sorting through 6000 games, Jeez some of these mame games are just awful.

(Photographer for this pic above is Joshua Kennerly Hopefully we shall have something set in stone again soon!! Last weeks shoot didn't pan out... fooey!!)

End Transmission

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