Thursday, September 29, 2011

a new video

yay 2 vids in one week... how unheard of j/k

Shooting schedule is still the same... 2 saturdays booked in a row... but the rest of the month is game. Lots of day job, extra gig applying this week. So far I haven't really heard back from anyone T_T Then again I've been a bit stranded but next week will be better!! (feel free to contact me on any of the sites bellow/comment, send a message and what not for shoot inquiries)

Really looking forward to bunker tomorrow as well!!

I'll have to make this short (I've yet to have lunch) But I'd like to say thanks for the new follows, favs and all the love from Deviant Art!! and a super duper thank you to whomever bought a few prints a few days ago :hugs:

End Transmission

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