Thursday, September 29, 2011

why are females with your personality and hobbies such a rare occurance in todays society?

I'm not sure that they're that rare... I know plenty of female gamers, chicks who like sci fi and guns and ridiculous cheesy violent crap... I think folks just have to get over the whole typical gender roles thing. Then again I don't know where the "normal" girls hang out at but I tend to propagate places filled with folks with like minded interests... I guess that's where it starts... maybe ya just gotta go to the right places. However a girl into classic gaming... I've yet to meet one who likes neo geo... 16 bit crap... classic games or a true arcade trip (and I don't mean just dancing games... I mean everything from racing to light gun to classic platformer shooter action etc. ) kinda girl so far, also haven't met a guy into that either... meh...


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