Friday, September 9, 2011

I used to think I was computer literate

Until I realized just now that the power settings on my computer were making it perform like a much older computer... lol I could've been done with this damn upload hours ago... oh well it's done now

So uh hopefully you enjoy. It's for an audition to a new gogo team. I warn you it's obnoixiously long and there's some breaks and whatever... but if you're incredibly bored and want to skip through the retarded parts I won't be offended. 2 industrial songs, 1 rap song cause I figured I should try to dance to at least one normal song... I sorta welcome your constructive critisizme (I've seen some rather harsh things on other videos so... hopefully this I shall not endure... we'll see...)

yes it's 15 mins long... uh sorry about that....

End Transmission

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