Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dead Storm Pirates! YARR

Yay of the random lack of theme videos that stem from random experiences... here's this one. Hope you enjoy it!!

Other than that a shoot planned for some time this afternoon/evening. If you'd like to book something over the weekend or next week feel free to contact me on one of the networks I have listed at the end of this post. Leave a comment... We'll get it all sorted out.

Tomorrow another kinkos run since yesterdays super random audition went well, they need a headshot from me so I'll be running trying to get that to them. My only concern with these sorts of things is that I do change my hair every few weeks so... it's hard to keep a current picture with the same hair. Right now my hair is natural and I don't have a headshot of that hairstyle so hopefully a picture with braids will be ok. :-/ I normally do have braids so this shouldn't be a  big issue should it?

I guess that's about all...

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