Tuesday, September 6, 2011

surprise video update

Due to the fun of insomnia I made a video!! Yeah bandwagon---ing a bit but still just seemed to be an overwhelming amount of women (black women) really pissed off about this video that wasn't such a bit deal... a response to this chick Amy's vlog on "what these bitches do wrong"

I apologize if this is more blurry than usual... my regular cam died (fuckin' batteries) So I had to use my web cam. I'm not sure if I'll just use that from now on. I just hate the lag that web cams have... perhaps if I invest in an HD one I wouldn't have these issues? If any of you vlog out there and have any suggestions on that I'd love to hear them.

(also still booking shoots for the week, hell for the month!! LETS DO THIS!!!) I have something in the works possibly for tomorrow but we'll see if that comes through. If it does expect some spiffy atv photos. Should be cool cause I've never done a desert shoot or rode one of those things so... hopefully I don't kill myself or anyone else.

shot by charlyB (he's on Fetlife)

End Transmission

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