Friday, September 23, 2011


I want to apologize for being so net silent lately... My interwebs have been out at home at random along with other developments (random work so I haven't had the time to come and mooch star bucks interwebs)

I'll have a new video up as soon as I'm able to be online long enough to upload one (well for those of you who watch those... thanks you 2 lovely people hehe ok maybe like 5 lovely people?) I attempted editing and I think they came out decent enough. Not great but for a noob like me it's pretty cool PLUS... it's windows movie maker so I doubt you can do anything terribly high end with that... right?

At work (on my random one week job) I saw a commercial for some Panasonic cam that takes HD video and has interchangeable lenses that made me want to cry. I was like "I WANTS PLZ!!" but things like that can wait I guess. I'm sure seeing one's blemishes in living pix-elation is... exciting.

October is upon us soon!! I remember it said that I can have funky colored hair this month. I'm thinking of blue simply because I may be attending a rave and I already have some blue components to an outfit. I would have more but clothing issues always seem to arise with me but no matter. I'm sure by then I should be able to purchase the missing pieces and be a tantalizing... blue- tutu thing :-/

I'm debating whether I want contacts. I haven't had any in a year and I kinda miss wearing them but as always when starting a new contact kit it's a bit irritating. You have to find said contacts... then buy the new cleaning kit... and a shit load of eye drops to use every 20 mins until ur eyes adjust to having weird shit in them (or perhaps this is special to my eyes haha I dunno).

I'd love to book some horror themed shoots! (Not just cause of Halloween but b/c they're awesome and fun) I think I should adopt a new policy on trade shoots. Discuss having files transferred to my hard drive after a shoot or a disc being made (since I now have a bad ass rom drive woot woot to having a full computer now lol) I rather hate not receiving pictures especially when I'm doing it for the pictures (I mean it usually is but it's less painful when at least I got some dinner money so I can't complain too much)

Gogo dancing news! We've a scheduled skype meeting (sometime next week). So hopefully that goes super and my stupid Internet is on at my homestead cause I would rather not skype from starbucks tbh lmfao.

Possible shoot next week? I do really want this to happen. How long has this been in the works? A year, more than that??

Alright I should get off of here before I'm kicked out of here...

End Transmission

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