Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Don't you worry they won't find my body

Ok a real post since I've got nada but time today.

Had an audition today with an Extra Casting Company (and yes the name is escaping me right now but that's ok lol) They said I was the best of the day and that I could totally handle doing an entire scene. So that either means I did really awesome or everyone sucked ass which either way cool for me and better than I had anticipated. When I called this morning I thought I'd just go in and they'd look at me and go yeah we got stuff for you or no we don't gtfo. Didn't really expect to be reading anything. I've never done any sort of speaking role but I figured I could handle walking in the background of some shit. Needless to say it's actually kinda fun. I get a bit scatter brained when it comes to performing. Horror movies have always been amusing... Sci-fi I think would be a bit more challenging in the acting department for me... (more weird things to remember that dont' really exist and some that do) But frankly running around covered in blood shouting cheesy shit would be das uber fun I think. I may be getting such a chance over the weekend provided all the info is sent to me in time. *twiddles fingers* If not I guess I'll uh.... find something else less interesting to do with my time. At least I'll have money sorta. A mediocre pay day off two days (not full days) of work over the course of 2 weeks. I feel like I've had my hair "normal" for no reason. I mean currently it's all poofy and shit which I like. (I liked it better before every black girl wanted to do it so ghetto ppl would just look at me crazy and not talk to me which made me quite pleased but now it's "hip" ugh)

I would really love big giant blue twists. Some light blue, some dark... all over my head making it weigh 50 pounds heavier but looking oh so candy like and bringing a giant smile to my cheesy face.

Anywho back to the casting thing... I was told they're casting for a bunch of things and no mention of fees of any sort so there's a good chance I haven't been scammed to death (cause they shouldn't be asking for money upfront/I don't have money so joke be on dem huh?) Hopefully this will fill in the numerous gaps in my schedule. I rather hate being idle and I've been finding "busy" work and I want shit that's stimulating and well money making...

As far as shooting goes:

September 1st :shooting with Moonstix in the evening

September 3rd: Tentative horror bloody-ish shoot at night

So if ya wanna shoot something sometime in the future.... this new month we can go on ahead and set that up!! Cause it would be seeming that this whole "day job" thing isn't really day jobbing like it should is it!

by Papa Vic Photography (I would link to the other girls but I don't know if they even have ports actually, was a bit of a mission getting pictures so I figured I should at least post one. Not what I expected but... it's cute)

End Transmission

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  1. Moonstix has such a great eye, I look forward to seeing that shoot. Good luck!


  2. I'm looking forward to it too!! Should be fun!!