Monday, August 29, 2011

The Weak End

It was nice but had some failure. Mostly I'm disapointed in myself for missing a shoot. Well for one cause I enjoy shooting... and frankly I just hate not showing up to my committments. I was just too pooped after 2 days of non stop fun to get up so early. So I over slept and over slept again.

Met some new folks, saw some old folks... thinking back on things makes me smiley and giggly.

But now one must get back to the real week.

I "think" I'm on call today but since I haven't gotten contacted with an actual time one can assume this will probably be pushed to tomorrow (as usual). I hope not... I rather like having my Tues. free especially considering that Thursday i'll be shooting (good thing but does cut into one's personal time)

So that means I'm free every day except Thursday (and possibly Tuesday... :-/)

In light of all this un-even job working-ness... I've been on the application ball again. Frankly I feel the house situation easily going back to the way it was. I just really want to be on my own again. At this rate now of un-stable income I won't be able to get a car let alone afford rent/internet/ all the other useless shit I've come to love and depend on.

I miss some solitude and the privacy I used to have, not to mention quiet. This weekend had louds of quiet and smiley silly moments. ... brings me to a video blog topic I supposse ...

End Transmission

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