Wednesday, August 24, 2011

how the rest of the week is shaping up!

As of now I'm free every day except Sunday the 28th... I'll be attending Joylyn's Birthday Event and I'm still booking 1 on 1's for that if you would like to book those in advance.  So if you're looking to book something for this or otherwise, feel free to do so over Model Mayhem or Deviant Art. (an idle siren is not a siren at all?)

I think today I'll work on my hair for a few hours perhaps to give me something to do. I'm wondering if I totally could've had green hair all month and if it would've mattered considering I've just been doing cleaning work for uh le' day job so far. I'm really bored of having normal dull colored hair... so very bored of it. I want pinks' and blue's and purples too!!! *sigh*

I'm being careful money wise (since I really haven't been terribly careful a month ago and the purchase of this computer pretty much depleted my surplus. (I get worried when my bank account gets under a certain amount.) I'm thinking by next pay check it should be back to normal and hmm I dunno I should still take it easy. I feel like I'm at the time of year where sleep has become more important. I've been so tired lately. So a peaceful hanging out is really appreciated (especially where I can get some shut eye)

I can't get MAME to work!! That blows... my ps1 emu is also being retarded. I wonder if I should go back to the inital emulator that I wanted to use because it's the only one where the video actually loaded (though it ran quickly) and begin the google work to well get it running at the proper speeds. Part of me feels semi-lazy on that front knowing that I'll need at least a couple of hours of net time and patience which I dunno I could spend doing something productive or playing other games... reading?

by Beaver Photography 

PS: random weight loss from not really exercising is hmmm weird. I dunno most people look at it as yay you lost 11 pounds woot woot... (though it is alarming to think that soda adds that much weight to a person) I dunno so far I haven't lost any boobage or buttage and I like my big ass thighs... I just don't want to become a string bean... Maybe I should half ass exercise so everything can keep it's shape (though even when I was 115 pounds I still had a curvy shape... hmmm still too skinny for my taste)

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