Friday, August 26, 2011

Alright I sold 3 prints

I'm surprised. I've had a Deviant Art for a while but never sold anything before (well ya know under the old name and I guess this one I've only had for a short while) Thanks to whomever that was who bought the prints. I hope they bring you joy and awesomeness and all that good stuffs :D

Other than this... I plan to attempt hair fixings again and hope that it ends up looking the way I want. I'm not sure it's possible. The last time I straightened my hair months ago it came out nicely though... I guess I should've used the same brand of texturizer and left it in longer. Part of me wants to cut my hair and start over again. This would be my third attempt at having natural hair. It just sucks b/c I get it and it gets to a point to where I'm not really sure what the hell to do with it. I know there's natural hair blogs and products but... I dunno I still get kinda meh since I get bored very easily with my hair and not being able to change it often kind puts me in a hair slump. Lately the issue is working and them not wanting me to have fun colors so my hair has been feeling boring lately. They did say in October they wouldn't care though I haven't really worked with the public for the past month so technically I totally could've had green hair ;) Oh well...

Guess I can always wear wigs again but it's far too hot for them... feels like the end of summer is hotter than summer in it's entirety.

As far as shooting availability... here's what it's looking like as of now

**August 29th-- Joylyn Birthday Event at Glass Slipper Studio (if you'd like to attend it's only $30 bucks for photographers) (event info here)

**September 1st --Shoot with Moonstix (can't wait!!!)

If you would like to shoot or get info on the event above feel free to contact me on Model Mayhem or Deviant Art. You can also contact me about shooting as well

Guess that's about all... My dancing bug is itching... I think I may do that though I'm not sure, I wanna save money/my hair will poof out horridly/I haven't gotten nearly enough sleep this morning so I might get tired really early.

Photographed by Lightbrite! (super duper awesome proffessional non-creep-tastic photog guy)

End Transmission

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