Monday, August 1, 2011


My computer decided to crap out on me the other day so until I save up enough for a new one I doubt I'll be able to update as much or as in spiffy a fashion as I'm used to. This little timer in the corner is slightly irritating though I do enjoy the fact that the monitor on this computer is 200 billion times bigger than my netbooks so I don't have to squint. I might be getting vertigo as a result lol.

I'll try to at least put some text updates as much as I can but the fact that I absolutely have to use library computers (cause even using my own computer on the wifi is better because I have all my files with me and all that jazz).

I'm not sure when I'll be able to update my ports or if I'll be able to shoot as much but I'll do my best. I'll try to figure all this out. Perhaps when I'm at a suitable computer I can still post updates but... I dunno.. .guess we'll see what happens. (actually it seems that my hard drive works fine w/ library computers so maybe I can update from here... just the whole timed thing and ppl behind me seeing nudity... kinda... doesn't make me feel too good lmfao)

Arinston Collander Photography shoot!! Very awesome to work with... super chill and not creepy creeper... has a spiffy puppy...

So far with work my weekend is up in the are but I am free Thursday to shoot... Feel free to contact me on Model Mayhem or Deviant Art (and please do so in a message or note... not a comments section... srsly)

As Always I'm on Tumblr, Twitter and Youtube!! (I'd like to the whole wish list thing but frankly I'm lazy and there's a widget on the side if you wanna check that out)

one other random fun note: It's good that I know basic short hand crap cause you can't right click on library computers... so yay I got through linking and posting a picture w/ the greatest of ease... I'll be treating myself to cookies now!

Oh another random note. I on some level want Saturday off b/c I'd really love to go to Das Bunker Friday. I haven't been in a while and I some what miss it. It's one of few places where there's enough room to dance freely with out smacking 20 people in the face. We'll see what happens I guess.

End Transmission

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