Monday, August 15, 2011

A weekend of Extraordinary Events

Well of shooting, dancing and watching a bunch of Avatar. I'm growing quite fond of that show.

The group shoot went pretty spiffy.... though I have no big group photo to show you at least I got a couple of pictures back. Which tends to be iffy with these things. I'm not so good at bothering people until they die which is probably the best way to get all your pictures back right? I have one that I will post some place near the bottom and all that good stuffs!

Met a lot of nice models and Photogs and a spiffy new make up artist! Hopefully I will be able to return in a couple of weeks for the whole b-day bash (which I'm hoping there will be a cake for me to jump out of b/c uh it's awesome!)

So as far as this week goes... I got nothing booked yet. I tentative for tomorrow and it appears that I'm on call Wednesday for work (which means uh hmmm dunno, don't make plans, we may or may not use you that day, tough titties?) There are things that of course need re-ched-jewel-ing and what not and once I'm fully awake I'll get right on that. Part of me feels like crawling back into the fetal position like everyone else in the house is doing at the moment lol. So here's the days that are blocked off for stuffs as of now...

*tues 16th tentative... shoot in the works

*28th Event that I implore you to register for ;)

2 days in 2 weeks... NO GOOD!! Though I have no issue filling my days with random shit to do, I'd rather be shooting.

Today, I could go print out some work documents or wait last minute to do it since I don't feel like going to kinkos... Sadly there is a printer staring right at me and I've no clue whether it works or not, where the cables are and that's semi-irritating as this would save me a lot of running to kinkos to print things time. Oh wells

Ok I'll stop here, my eyes don't want to stay open any longer

by Fetish Dawg Photo and Make up by Keith Beck

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