Friday, August 19, 2011

A new video has entered the ring!!

Other than that yesterdays "workshop" with MXD went well but wasn't what I expected. For some reason I was expecting it to be similar to regular group shoots with a bunch of things going on at once. This was much slower paced which is cool I guess and no time allotted for one-on-one's either. One tip for anyone thinking of getting into photography with models... do learn to relax and talk to the person you're shooting. If you can't make a bit of small talk and give direction/some positive words here and there to make sure the model knows they're doing the right thing (and also establishing more comfort)... this can make for an awkward shoot especially with a beginning model who doesn't know what she's doing and probably thinks everything she's doing sucks lol Just a suggestion.

I would also say not to say certain things to a person you're meeting for the first time until you've gauged out what's ok and what isn't. Ya never really know what can be offensive to people and not everyone will speak up about it so watch your tongue in professional settings.

To the man who I met last night who reads my blogs... ok me saying "I know no one reads my blogs" it's a lie. I know a few ppl do... I've gotten a few gigs this way and other people have mentioned coming across it. etc... I just want to say that some of the things you said weren't appropriate and leave it at that. One thing I will say that you should never say to any black or ethnic person ever is anything resembling "you speak well for insert random race, almost like a white girl etc." it's offensive as fuck... srsly don't say that shit.  I don't think you will grasp how irritating that is b/c you will never have to put yourself in a minorities position but try to understand. What am I supposed to sound like? Ghetto cause I'm from the ghetto? Just b/c someone is born and raised in it... well let's just say everyone here isn't a cess pool of idiocracy. Most ppl are just trying to get along and leave others alone. A small percentage cause trouble and that's not usually a problem if one knows how to conduct oneself and leaves those people alone.

I just hate stereotyping and backhanded compliments.... and anything pertaining to my personal life (IE: who I'm sleeping with) is no body's business... I'm not seeking advice, support or anything in my personal matters and as such I've stopped writing about them here... don't ask me or hint at anything of the such with me.

And no I don't know what I wrote 2 days ago... I don't go and re-read wth is here... who the hell does that?

End of bitch rant....

What I'm up to so far:

*8/20 -shoot with Papa Vic Photography

*8/22 (unavailable)

*8/25 -Shoot with Moonstix

*8/28-- Joylyn's Birthday Party Event!

As you can see other dates are still available for next week!! Let's book something shall we? (feel free to contact me at the links at the end of this post)

a shot from last week by vintage vista! Can't wait until we officially work together on our blindness shoot!! (and half afraid of rats and snakes and dying... guess we'll see)

End Transmission

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