Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday... which means...

A NEW VIDEO!! (I apologize for how crappy it is and I'll elaborate a bit more on it's topic. It's pretty early in the morning and I'm only awake now b/c someone woke me up for no reason. I may take a power nap after this actually lol)

So the shoot was w/ Adam Chilson. I saw a few pics straight out of the camera and I'm expecting that they'll be a feast to behold. I thought I'd be more afraid of a few things that I did. (climbing a tire fort thing, shooting fire, holding fire... ) but the fire made me giddy, the fort didn't really scare me at all. There's nothing close to the back heat that comes off back toward you when you're dealing with fire. I can't say that what I hypothesized it being like is close to what it actually is. I got to wear random pieces of leather and cool warrior shit. Since I got there early and the outdoor sets looked better at night I got to shoot inside too... so you have some weird hentai tentacle rape thing to look forward to lol. I'm a little sad that I didn't get to shoot on one of the sets. I really wanted to see it filled with water. I practiced my "stealthy walk" but I guess it wasn't for naught... I'm hoping something will open up again and I could shoot on it before it's torn down  but I'm not counting on it though.

One of the sets might get put on action girls which would be pretty sweet!! I've admired that site from afar (I mean girls with big guns that go boom always equals awesomeness!!) 

I also found out about some event called Wasteland Weekend. I REALLY WANNA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We'll see what happens though. I might be used in some of the promo material for it (which would be beyond rad) and a chance to get in free in exchange for walking around in costume (which ultimately solves my lack of costume issue) for a few hours. I see this all as a win win!!

Now to hopefully spend a couple of hours of my day playing breath of fire and applying to some gigs... I go onto kill a giant fucking robot thingy which took me an hour to figure out where it really was. Damn dialog in old rpg's is always so atrocious. Granted this isn't nearly as bad as the first Final Fantasy where 99% of the town would say the same line! I am enjoying the game play though and I do hope to actually finish it this time w/out something weird happening (hard drive randomly exploding lol) I also wanna snag some more neo geo shooters and random obscure shit. Before that I'm getting mark of the wolves cause I'd be pretty awesome if I could not suck so badly at it. The top system amuses me.

Which reminds me (sorry for being scatter brained... I haven't been writing as much as I used to lol) I saw King of Fighters XIII which I had no clue existed. IT WAS GORGEOUS!! If I had money yesterday and wasn't so horribly out of practice w/ KOF I would've played and been beaten horridly but it would've looked really good. Everyone I watched play yesterday appeared to be pretty good and have a good grasp of the game already. (unexpected stop at anime expo for some reason. I think that event has lost it's luster for me. Honestly I'm not really a fan of anime though there are a few that I've enjoyed, much of it is weird, annoying in the style of it and re-used shots which I'm guessing are to save money. Rely too much on flashy colors than a decent story... I'd rather watch something that takes place in America and won't have random things lost in translation, giant eyeballs and hair blowing shots.... ok I'll stop my ranting now)

I'm also booking shoots for this week... so contact me HERE or on one of these other snazzy networks... Model Mayhem , Deviant Art, Twitter, Tumblr,

why is this picture here? Someone complained that I don't have pictures on here (though I dunno why they'd need to be here per say... I mean that's what all those snazzy links are for but here's a daily deviation that I thought looked nice... wow I just realized those are giant granny panties.... uh anyway more work by this person HERE

That's enough for now!

End Transmission

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