Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Looking as though I'll be free this friday July 29th to shoot

and July 28th during the day time... though I don't know if I wanna push it since I have a shoot that night. If you'd like to book something feel free to contact me HERE or on Model Mayhem or Deviant Art. If you're interested in setting something up for the next week feel free to do so as well. I like to keep my weekends free since this is generally when I work my day job but the weekdays are fair game. (unless shifts are canceled which does happen.)

Had my suspension shoot w/ CharlyB (I would link but I cannot... if you contact me I can forward you his email and such or just look up his name on fetlife) yesterday... that went pretty well though I'm a wuss about spinning around still. I mean is it super fun  to scare the crap out of me cause the last suspension I did I was spun around too. I'm not sure that's something I would ever get used to. Like roller coasters and uh...falling down? At any rate I had a lot of fun. Hanging upside down also helped my feet to not be swollen anymore (I had too much salt over the weekend yay!!)

As always I'm on Twitter, Tumblr, Formspring, and Youtube. If you'd like to contribute something to a shoot or just think I'm that awesome here's my WISHLIST!

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