Friday, July 8, 2011

Your pic has been submitted to ALTERNATIVE ELITE

HELL YEAH I ACCEPT!! Wow someone else actually submitted a photo of me to a group... frick awesome!! (For those who might be lost... deviant art has different picture groups w/ various themes. Seeing as how I want to ultimately do more alternative interesting shoots, this pleases me very much).

Today the curse is upon us and for good reason. I had a bit of a birth control mishap (it was thrown out accidentally I hope) so I was kinda annoyed. I rather enjoy birth-control more on the lines of I know exactly when mother nature will summon Ifirit and I can plan around it better. Without it I'm really early or late and I get worried or end up  not planning certain things for a couple of weeks because I'm unsure. Of course the shining blood hallway can be worked around, but I'd rather not plan a shoot on the first 3 days where I tend to feel weak. I'm not sure if I'm still anemic. I took some iron pills for it years ago but there are times where I feel incredibly weak especially if I'm under hot lights (which is a killer for shooting and more so for figure modeling). I know that there's gotta be a better way around this? I'm not sure if I should bring some energy shots before shoots w/ strenuous lighting... Eating helps of course. Sorry for the female information... turns out I'm a human after all... puny human.

ALRIGHT! Enough about really gross shit that no one cares about but me. Photographers, I'm booking shoots today for next week. So far I'm free since this is the first day of booking. Don't let another week go by w/out me shooting. I may wither away and die! Well not really but I like to at least have one shoot yes? OH Monday though I will be busy but any other day is fine as of now. If it changes I will most certainly let you know.

Still no fancy flame thrower pics. I know I'm sad too... I guess I should stop mentioning it every damn day huh? lol!

Still looking for agency representation. (or an agent or manager) I'm not sure where to start to be honest. When that happens I consult google. So far one company has gotten back to me. That's the thing I'll be checking on Monday.

Other than that... much much stompy gothy dancey dance for my pantsy pants at bunker tonight. I plan to actually arrive on fucking time so I can pay 5 bucks and not 10 again. Last week I got there exactly at 10:30. While I enjoyed the witty banter from the lady at the bus stop and another woman on the bus... I'd rather have my additional 5 bucks for other shit! Though the plus side is there's no line when you get there at that time and people tend to be dancing already when you get there a little later too. Some random Asian dude professed to being a fan of my dancing or something random... If you're reading this (which I highly doubt) thanks for being kind and not a rapist and sorry I kinda darted out w/out saying good bye. He wrote things down on his phone. Guess his English wasn't very good or something but a nice enough fellow.

Oh back track to random shit. I'm in the works of developing a web site (pay site). I was wondering what kinds of things you'd like to see on it. In addition to that I'm thinking it should be like the one's that have multiple models showcasing them. Seeing as how money is an issue at the moment I'm wondering how to go about this... Trade for something they want? I dunno. I did a shit load of brainstorming on my bus ride of names. Still have to get content for it (of course). Then there's my own limits I gotta consider.... And well the fact that I got not much in the clothing department blows. I'd worry less if the magical mundane job giver floats one right to my face (at least I'll know about one sometime today, though that in and of itself presents a whole new host of.... things)

Ya know I never figured out the Gogo thing... Maybe if I were more inquisitive at these things (IE could be as simple as asking the DJ or promoter at an event, hey who hired that girl type deal). I know the few times I've danced people have always asked me. Then again I'd only be happy if it were at an industrial club and chances of that type of club hiring a dark skinned black girl are pretty nill.... I mean I can dance to other shit but that's my favorite. I wouldn't mind electro so much either. I think dub step and rap would be the weirdest/most boring.

All right time to get this day a rolling.

As always I'm on Model Mayhem , Deviant Art , Tumblr, Twitter , Feel free to contact me on those sites if you're interested in working together or for random or whatever respective site you were linked from works as well. And not to forget Youtube. Send me questions. If you'd like to help out with things I can use for shoots or web camming check out my wish list. (web cam for s/n private_siren, if ur in California no dice for you but there are ways around this, mail me HERE for details) I may or may not be on Monday since I have something to do in the morning. I suppose that about covers it!

 (the last time I saw this, it was covered by some random paper but not erased cause I could see some of the golden-ish-ness coming from out of the background... I thought that was a bit odd... lol Why would someone put paper on a chalk board? Then I thought who gives a shit...) Glad I could share my drawing skills w/ you, rather lack there of... Now to send many emails and plays some breath of fire/read some American virgin... I love you vertigo comics... you be my fave. I've officially decided until I find a comic book company that I love more comics from :)

End Transmission

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