Monday, July 25, 2011

Booking Shoots July 25th ---27th

I may be available more days. I'm waiting to hear from my day job boss to well figure all this out so have no fear... and of course we could always book something for next week as well :D You can always contact me HERE , Model Mayhem or Deviant Art. I'll respond as quickly as possible ^_^

Just got a few pics from Display Mode Media! (I posted one bellow teehee!) Very awesome photog to work with. Friendly... chill and not creepy which are good things for a photog to be yes?

Other stuffs I did this week... Another Group shoot which I'm patiently awaiting pictures from. I hope to be included in next month's event with them. Met some wonderful photogs and some lovely ladies. Lots of smiles and fun!! I'd put up a pic but.... alas I haven't received our big group photo just yet... When I get it I'll upload it.

Went to the BDSM Pride day awards last night and also met some really cool folks. Ate pizza and hells bells might be getting to do a suspension as a result (which I'm giddy about after seeing his work and enthusiasm about rope.) Who is HE?? Well Charly B (who I can't figure out how to link to at the moment... damn scatter brained-ness making me lose track of profiles!!!) of course!! I've seen him at practically every event that has suspension for the past few years and never imagined actually getting to speak to him. I'd always think... whose that tiny man?? I'm glad he's really kind and awesome and has a spiffy fashion sense :D

As always I'm also on Twitter, Tumblr, Fomrspring and Youtube. If you'd like to contribute something to a shoot or just wanna buy something else useful or see what I like... check out my WISHLIST!!!

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