Tuesday, July 5, 2011

 As some of you may already know... I had a mis-hap w/ my clothing and thus I don't have much to shoot in, cam in or anything else for that matter. If you'd like to help out with that or in anyway my wishlist is here This would greatly help out w/ shooting and regular daily life in general so if you ever wanted to contribute in some way but didn't know how here's a chance.

As far as camming goes... I'm still not sure what hours I want to do it though in a general sense I'm usually on Myfreecams.com (username: private_siren) 5am - 8am (roughly) on days when I'm insomniac driven. Considering the living situation is... weird at the moment I have to go on early (if I do). I'm going to see how things go over the next few weeks (normal job wise and w/ this) to see what days work best for me. So far I'm pretty consistent w/ Monday's though so I'll mark that down as one. If any of you would like to contribute some items for this you can snag something from the wishlist above or get something snazzy from here (I wanna take more time to add more things, if you see something you think I should add let me know) You also won't be able to catch me on if you're in California for obvious non-creepo privacy factor... sorry. There are ways around this though. Message me for details here

I'm also commissioning custom posed pictures for folks... you can message me at the above email for details.

I'm also booking shoots for this week. As of now I'm free july 6th through 9th. I can book things further in advance than that (for the following week) but I tend to not do that until the end of this week is approaching but consider next week free as well (if ya like). Feel free to contact me on my email, model mayhem, deviant art and even fet life (I'd link to it but my profile is private for users only so if ur origin is here... message me) if you'd like to book something. (Though fet life tends to be the one that gets the most over looked so plz put you'd like to shoot or something in the title so I know for sure that's what you're contacting me about)

I'd also LOVE more questions for youtube! If ya got em send them on whatever respective site of origin you're on and maybe mention that you'd like me to make a video about it. You can also fee free to message me on the link above where it says to message me for details.

Still waiting on pics from last weeks shoot... waiting ever so patiently. And all of a sudden feeling a mighty bit sleepy lol.

Other networks I haven't mentioned yet.... Twitter and Tumblr and formspring

random industrial dancey outing bordom picture... I will not eat your soul I promise... (I sure do put a lot of links in these things. I'm curious how often ppl actually click them though and if I should start writing out the entire URL? oh well lol)

End Transmission

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