Sunday, July 17, 2011

No new video this week

Mostly cause I wake up by some miracle and find that some retard unplugged my laptop (which only has an hour at most of battery life :-/) At any rate I'd like to squeeze in a second more of uncomfortable struggled sleep but before that...

I'm free to shoot July 19th and 20th... If you'd be interested in shooting anything feel free to contact me Here, Model Mayhem or Deviant Art.

As always I'm on Twitter, Tumblr, Formspring and Youtube as well. If ya wanna get something that I can use in a shoot or just wanna be awesome and get something helpful/wanna know stuff that I like feel free to check out my wishlist.

Other than this stuffs still kicking and waiting on pics from a couple of different shoots. Probably looking to change my hair sometime this week. That should depend on whether I'm shooting on tues/wed though. If I'm not I'll dedicate some time to a new look.

Oh normal work has been good/tiring/I'm always tired regardless and some how work is more relaxing, tolerable than home and more quiet. I guess I'm saying that it's pretty cool and the folks I've worked with so far are nice. No matter if I work or not though I tend to dart out of the house before 9am anyway so I guess I might as well be shooting or working right?

so for those who didn't see this... a pic from my shoot w/ Adam Chilson a few weeks ago. I dunno if/when there will be more since he's been super busy but I'm happy to have at least one. That be real fire right there and real fire is uh hot?

Anyway I'm going to try to snag a few more seconds of sleep :D

End Transmission

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