Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm sleepy but I wanted to post this before I forgot

Parts modeling open call for tomorrow canceled for me. Apparently it's in an area that I would either have to call a cab for or have a car (which would be dumb to have a random ass car waiting at the end of a bus-line to take me to an agency) This is what google tells me and since it is ultimate overlord of the negaverse I obey. I don't want to end up stranded or lost (like it tends to get me only 5% of the time but still... fucking sucks to be lost w/ a shitty phone w/ no GPS to look up real directions. Human help only gets you more lost... or so it would seem lol)

So As for July I'm free the 11th (if I don't book anything I may opt to change my hair this day though I some what dont' want to either... we'll see how it goes... when things are so short notice it tends to go un booked anyway) 12th I'm free during the day, I could swing the 13th during the day as well depending on where you're located. 14th-16th. 18th -20th. 23rd-29th, and the 31st. (it seems it'd be easier to just put what I AM doing right?? Always going the long way around lol, well fuck it I'll do both lmfao)

July 12th --The Collaboration Project (downtown LA networking awesome thingy w/ movies and booze and hopefully me talking to you w/out snorting like a freak of nature)

July 13th -- Beaver Photography Shoot 6pm to 8pm

July 17th -- Personal Awesome Celebrating my fav teenage girl in the world... (Love ya , weirdo)

July 21st --Alternative Fashion Group Shoot @ Glass Slipper Studio in NOHO 6pm -9pm

July 22nd -- DM gremlin's open house?? 6pm - midnight

July 30th -- BH Fotographic shoot in san diego

August 13 --tentative shoot (I hope I gets it...!!)

If you'd like to book me feel free to contact me HERE. On Model Mayhem or Deviant Art as well. As always I'm on Twitter, Tumblr, formspring and Youtube as well... Send me your vid requests... you're questions, you're witty banter.

If you'd like to help out with or contribute anyway (clothing for shoots, props, hair, make up, random star trek memorabilia wrapped in hello kitty wrapping paper b/c it'd make me smile) there's always my Wishlist or Contact me here :)

Expect pictures from today's shoot w/ Displaymode Media SOON!!! Check him out... very chill awesome person. Will not rape you or steal your soul. OH totally forgot to add I'll more than likely be seeing him at the art walk downtown!

Now off to drink more of the clean water... breath of fire here I CUM!!!!!!

End Transmission

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