Thursday, July 7, 2011

To all the folks who admire my work

If you'd like to give back feel free to get anything off of my Wish list. I will def shoot in it if it's bought off of there. If there's something you're interested in getting that isn't on there I can either add it or we can talk about the details through email. I'll be adding things here and there that I like/need. I should put more basic items on there.

As you know I'm still trying to re-build wardrobe so any help would be appreciated. On the plus side of things though, my random trek through Downtown LA yielded some fun results. I at the very least know where to get bikini's and under wear things now lol. I hit my spending limit and headed back home after that but I'm sure there's gotta be some decent priced clothing places down there too. If you know of any let me know.

Still haven't recieved the images from last week (bummer). And it's looking like I won't be shooting any this week either... I'm going to start booking for next week this friday... hopefully someone will bite. I applied to a few legit agencies yesterday.... I'm wondering though if I should just walk into one and be like "sup bitches". Well maybe not say exactly those words but to visit one in person so they know I'm not an overly photo-shopped angled mess. The girl on OK Cupid that looked hot in a picture that was angled and another from 10 years ago.... I cease to understand why folks do this especially when you plan on meeting folks. It's like uh.... they're gonna know you're fat so can't you show that you're fat in your damn picture? It's really not that big of a deal. You wouldn't want someone coming to see you whose not into fat chicks right. Like if I put up a bunch of pictures where I look white, all super washed out and the person meets me and finds out and uber dark... There is one thing that tends to happen with my pro pics though. Since I do have a scar on my forehead (tiny little mark) it gets taken off... and the whole crooked eye thing that happens when my eyes are strained (tends to be when I look straight up).

I haven't played breath of fire in 2 days. I should hurry up and help the people of Tantar get their water supply back lol. I've been reading a lot of American Virgin so my RPG time is well not getting love :P

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shot by Martin Images

End Transmission