Monday, July 18, 2011

Do you believe there is a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone? If so what is the difference?

If you love someone but ur not in love with them... that'd probably only apply to family or non romantic relationships. When you apply that to a romantic one...I'm not sure what that means... If I heard that I would just presume that I wasn't loved anymore, not to say that they think I should die and don't care as they care since I'm sure they care about other human beings but it's no longer the kind of love I would want from that person... more like a I care but not so much



  1. thats a shitty thing to tell someone :( i would take that as a lets just be friends cause i found someone else or i wanna go on the hunt again

  2. so yes i do think there is a difference the love for friends and fam and the love for your girl,guy,wife or husband. you cant apply friend love to a romantic endeavor it makes it not romantic any more you don't wanna be intimate with your buddy. you don't feel the same way for your buddy as you do for that significant other well.... at least you shouldn't lol upgrade from friend to lover good downgrade from lover to friend bad broken hearts usually follow downgrades like that. your rock any way it this person doesn't feel the same about you any more well fuck them in there eye sockets you can do better anyway lots of people care a lot about your it cool people like you that make this world such a wonder to live :)