Friday, July 8, 2011

First dancing video

So I finally put one up (for my many months, hell probably a year of talking about it) Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. I do apologize that I couldn't get my entire body in the shot and for the crap on the bed lol... Perhaps some other time I can have someone else HOLD THE CAM... or something... I'm also not properly dressed for this kind of music... Why does that matter? Hell I dunno, it's always better when you look cool... or more naked. So sorry for wearing clothing. I don't think they let you put up naked videos on good ol' youtube anyway (unless it's weird Europeans humping the ground and trying to put water in their vagina's.... if I knew the name of the video I'd totally post it but... it was shown to me. If I DO find it though I'll put it up cause it's the most weird crap you'll ever see)

End Transmission


  1. Very nice !
    I love the way you dance.
    I should try one day, it won't be that sexy but whatever ^^;
    Nice music too !

    "Constructive criticism" ? Deal ! xD

    - not the entire body ? Not a problem at all, it's an interesting pov this way. A sort of belly dance (a yummy one =) )

    - not properly dressed ? Same, the top is perfect, maybe a darker jeans would be nice.

    - a naked version ? why not, it could be interesting but better ? not sure. I can imagine something like a clip in black & white with few changing camera angle...

    VoilĂ  =)

  2. lol thanks... yeah I tried to get the entire body but my room is too tiny. If I can get someone to do a more pro video or find a bigger place to do it next time I'll try again

    I thought about the clothing being wrong too, it was something quick before going to a kick back, fresh outta the shower... I'll make more of an effort next time

    Hmmm naked uh I don't think youtube will let me do that sorta thing lol