Tuesday, January 18, 2011

morning =mourn cause no one should be up at this hour!

NO ONE! I haven't felt so exhausted in a long long while. I'm gonna burn out hard around noon. I wonder why they've done away w/ nap time as ppl get older? I think adults need it far more than 4 year olds. We aren't so abundant in energy.

F.A.N.Z..... Killed horses, unearned praise and a relationship shows it's true well way this week. It's funny that so much angst can be caused by folks simply brooding/reading things in the wrong manner/why the fuck do ppl concern themselves so much w/ ppl they never see?

Speaking of which, I guess I'm hypocritical in that front. I must admit that hate, dislike, repulsion makes for a disgusting attraction in a sense (did that make sense/change?) I do believe I've reached a breaking point. Humans love repetition an routine but so do retards. I bore of the same mundane shit over and over.

Be nice to have friends who I could discuss the artistic value in a cum shot... ok maybe not that but just knowing more folks who are willing to  do activities (outside of arcades and even clubbing ) instead of professing how BORED they are all the time. People who aren't complaining how unhappy they are w/ their bodies as they eat that bacon wtf and remain immobile all fucking day.

Things are changing. It's been a slow SLOW process but I know what  appreciate from those I choose to interact w/ and what I don't. That I'm extremely turned off by idiots and idiots who find themselves to be profound are even more revolting. Fake connections... IE: saying a relationship is deeper than it obviously is... Those who shout their disdain for a person and yet they're always around them... LA is a BIG fucking city and you can't find other hoes to be around? I get it you have the same "friends" but why is that? Birds of a feather flock together so you must have something in common if you keep running into each other w/ the same damn people.

Losing dead relationships is no longer a fear for me. . . befriending someone who can't comprehend simple English, science math, especially considering that my basic math skills are worst than illegals working in fruit fields so someone dumber than me wouldn't benefit me one bit haha

(why is that pic there? Cause shut up I don't have to answer to you... I'm half asleep)

End Transmission

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